Sunday, December 28, 2008


took stock of my appearance in the mirror today. i have only grown a couple of inches for the whole year. it really sounds terrible. i'm now 15 and my height is just *** cm? no, i'm gonna eat as much calcium as i can ! i must do that for the sake of myself ! now, i must reconcile myself to the fact that i will be the one of those people who never get a good view in the cinema. unless i sat alone in the cinema hall, i suppose to.

let's get the story short, i'm SHORT !
damn ! how am i suppose to grow taller?
please people, i'm begging here, could y'all give me some tips to grow taller?
especially those mr and miss galah, will ya?

urgh, and next year, i'm no longer 15. i'm 16 ! another two years for me to grow until i stop growing on my 18th year of living in this world. plus, i'm gaining weight right now?! gosh, i'm gonna ban myself from eating rice. rice is fattening me !

but thank God, my ass and thighs are shrinking right now. hahah. an improvement i guess. and overall, i failed three relationships this year. i'm always a failure in lovey-dovey. perhaps it's not my time yet but at least, it's a remarkable achievement, don't you think so? how many love failure that have the same achievement like me in this world? so, i'm the so-called failure. hah hah hah. =.=

as a child of fifteen, it's a fact for me to face my biggest doom ever, PMR results. how do you feel when almost everyone is hoping for ya? even the principal of the school? how do you feel when people think you're the only one?

okei, i'm taking 9 subjects for my pmr. it's a high risk cuz i'm taking chinese for the extra subject. chinese is not my mother tongue, not my culture either. i'm a malay but i mix with chinese since i was three. i speak chinese 12 hours out of 24 hours, to my friends and even to my siblings. but it really freaks me out. i just don't know if i could score my chinese. same goes to my Agama Islam. huh. i'm so dead.

so, i'm gonna make my new year's resolutions right after i get my results. i really need to improve myself, especially my height and weight ! urgh. and plus plus, i'm wearing tudung to school next year. it's gonna be a huge change next year. be prepared, patricians ! :D

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