Saturday, January 10, 2009

i'm a nerd.

thank God i'm still here to give another post for you guys. 5 days of school was like 5 years of life. i can barely alive in school, with the hustle and bustle, plus the tonnes of homework, i can finally survive without internet! i didn't touch my pc since tuesday and it was a really'really remarkable achievement! cheers for me :D

now, interprets your mind with some school stuff,
lots of things happened within 5 days. first of all, i've got a really'really special credit from my very'very own principal. i repeat, PRINCIPAL. teehee :)

it's soo unbelievable! i was 'declared' as the best PMR student for 2008 in the assembly! ahha! i even took photograph with Mr Tung himself in his office and apparently, IT WAS PUBLISHED IN SOME LOCAL NEWSPAPER, namely Borneo Post and Si Hua newspaper. gosh, i was extremely flattering! my hater would be hating me more 'cause her results is not 'declared' like mine. she even cheated me that she got 6As but apparently, it's worse than that. HAHA. i'm really'really grateful to Allah for this achievement. Alhamdulillah. :)

so, about my next major exam, the freaking SPM, i decided not to take too much subjects. it's killing me. 9 is more than enough. i didn't take prinsip akaun, sains sukan. bahasa cina is a BIG no-no of course *enough for pmr, same goes to EST and seni? NO.

let's just have some rewind for each subjects.

Madam Ku is the teacher. she's a good teacher. maybe it gets boring sometimes, but at least she's way much better than WSL. HAHA.

we get the same teacher this year. my friends call her Rihanna, due to her hair i guess. but anyway, i've no comment bout her. 'cause she gave me high marks for english last year. her real name, Mdm Lee Fui Ping. her husband is a white people.

Miss Leong teaches us. she loves to play sign language before her lesson which i've no idea what to do with math. sometimes, she makes something simple become something extremely hard, let's just say, her thinking is soo complicated.

"what's up?" is his favourite phrase. he often makes us laugh but he seldom makes us digest what he taught. if you get what i mean. and i still remember the first thing he said to us in his first class, "if you wanna become an engineer, your add math must be good, or else, the buildings you've built will collapse, people will die.... and it's fun" wtf? so, that's Mr Chua aka Ah Chua.

i love this subject so there's no problem with the teacher for the time being. the teacher is Mdm Wong San San, our form teacher as well.

i love the teacher. Miss Yee San San is a good teacher. she's strict and her teaching is crystal clear. she explains everything. but according to my seniors, they'll get punished if they didn't memorise chemist formula and to my surprise, they're punished up to 200 times for each mistake. O.o

physics is more like math, involve calculations, formulas so on and off. Miss Fanny is a great teacher, her class is interesting and i'll never get bored with it. :D

ustaz Azhar is ok. not much problem as i'm officially wearing tudung to school right now.

a big applause 'cause Mdm Kartina is teaching us for this subject! yay! cheers fo her! she's a hyper-duper great teacher! she makes sejarah interesting and yeaa, thank God. :D

so, that's my 9 subjects. simple right? taking more than that will only 'cause headache. besides, i'm gonna take meds for my further study, so what for taking so much unimportant subjects? boohoo!

my only desire right now, is to score those three science subjects especially chemist and bio and get into MRSM. amin. :)

and one more thing, I FALL INTO ADD MATHS.
I LOVE ADD MATHS. i heart add maths
special credits to my big bro and sir Karu. not to forget, Mr Chua. :)

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