Saturday, January 1, 2011


everything just went and happened so fast, all of them are still very clear in my mind. like how i started my form 5, my birthday, the struggles, the friends, the-nearly-break-up-friend, the day i stepped into new room meeting new roomates, the loud singing in dorm and the other dorm, as well as the bilik study and etc lahh! heee :D

and especially how i've become so matured after my failure (well, just recently). nahh, no worries, i'm moving on, btw, congratulations to those who succeed! :D

even though it all went by so fast but last year was a roller coaster ride! i really wish it wouldn't end. :(

last year, i've achieved most of the things i wanted. i stayed in track & field, been beating myself up just to loose some weight (and apparently i lost 3kg, but it turned back to 45 since it was just water lost -.-). i've been a good girl, most of the time ;p and most of all, i did travel a LOT :D

i've grown up and have been using my brain a little bit more. i've stayed to who I am instead of caring about what others have to say. i met best friend, good friends, true friends; true love? haha, nah, not yet. gahh, i've been up, i've been down and i've been somewhere in between. (?)

okay, anywho; these are my new year's resolutions people :)

1. get closer to Allah. insyaAllah :)

2. no more self-destructing-diet. hehe, beat myself up though, keep on exercising (tennis drilling. HAHA)

3. work hard. earn money, SAVE MONEY. for abah and mumy and beli camera BARU :)

4. go to PERLIS (since this is the only ceruk i haven't reached. hihi)

5. widen my knowledge, just about everything.

6. always be prepared for any tests or exams. to be short, stop being the last minute person. 'cause you'll die. owh, YOU WILL DIE -.-

7. improve my cooking skill. master japanese, korean and JAVANESE cuisine. YUM YUM

8. DO NOT skip meals. any meal, especially BREAKFAST.

9. be a good good girl. listen to parents, no more prissy princess of me -.-

10. last but not least, keep on motivating myself. i can always improve, kan?

oooh, did i mention that i finished high school?! *can i get a woooot???!* hehe ;)

well, 2010 was my senior year at mrsm tawau. After 3 bloody years of being a junior in st patrick then another 1 frigging year in mrsm tawau as form 4 student, i finally became a senior. life was pretty hectic but i wouldn't have it any other way. i mean, i juggled everything; from my studies, my student council duties, assembling and leading the exco kesenian & kebudayaan, my math society, emcee for school regular occassions, my crazy extra class schedules, random girls'(& guys' + juniors') dramas and of course embracing change. i did have some family & friends time in between all of that. thanks, thanks a lot :)

wowww, i have quite a list there. oh myy, i did all of that in one year. haha, i feel soo old. i'll recap some other time.

oh, and for those who're going to serve for the country tomorrow (PLKN), or whenever the time laa, hihi, good luck guys! and sorry for the no-picture-post, i'm really not in the mood. i don't know, due to the early month, or maybe some things that happened last month, or, i suppose, last year. i don't know, just not in the mood and i promise, i'll be back with a smile. i'll be fine of course, it just takes some time. once again, thanks blog for hearing this little tiny voice.

happy new year. may Allah bless all of us and may 2011 become a better year than ever. hope so, amin :)


Anonymous said...

apa mau tulis sini lol.

*xda xperience msuk blog org n comment.
happy new year!! ~~

E.d.Y said...

happy new year..;)

-Jerry- said...

woot~~~ new cam new cam! hahaha

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

thanks all of you; happy new year too!

JERRY; yepp. i'm saving and working real hard, just to make sure i'll get that DSLR, JUST LIKE YOURS. HAHA ;D