Wednesday, January 19, 2011

VACATION!! *woot woot* :D

finished my magazines, finished a few novels, read each and every lines on issues in newspaper, repeated a few movies, tutored my little sister academically and even on attitudes, tired of the dirts on dishes, been cooking all day long like seriously people are getting fat, also beating myself up to get real slim like anorexic etc; list of grievances goes on.

i'm bored, like seriously -.-

so, after months of turning my eyes from shopping, i let myself go back to pick up some essentials. i'll make sure to only stop in a few stores. i swear! well, bookstore is a must of course! *cant help it*:D

the above picture shows how desperate i am to get those thing

alhamdulillah, kk (kota kinabalu) waits no more. i am officially at KK, tadaaaa! my generous mom brought me along to her one week meeting which happens to be my so-called-one-week-vacay! (i'm like tumpang sekaki setangan etc kakitangan sort of thing laa ;D) thanks mommm!! yeah, and i'm glad to be here. arrived at 3pm, checked-in, settle down; then, SHOPPING :DD

camwhoring sekejap :D

the atmosphere everywhere was pretty the same, loads of red, very noisy and crowded too

chinese new year is getting near people. with Chinese New Year and my birthday falling on the same day, present present pleasee!! anyone??? *ada ONG!! kaching kaching*

no worries, ang pao can be sent in cash, pay cheque etc. for the dato'2; bank-in pun boleh. haji bakhil can give me makan treat, at Chili. HEHE :DDD

wawasan plaza left; warisan square right

Penang Char Kuey Teow.

this dish has always been one of my all time favorites. kuey teow is hor fun, the flat rice noodle is the delicious food that loved by Southeast Asian and ME!! it's equally good in soup base (kuey teow tang, chicken floss hor fun *this tastes sooo good* and etc) or in stir fry (char kuey teow, clam hor fun,etc). well, why is char kuey teow so popular? ASK ME, ASK ME!! :D

well,'s pretty hard to explain in words, the only answer is to find the exact place and taste it by your own! it tastes sooo gooooood! caution to those have gouts, dont eat too much; usually they put tauge alot, so beware.

cool shots by not-so-cool cam. HEHE :)

after 5 hours of wandering around, browsing some essentials, well, my mission is partially accomplished. yay me!

it's been a while really since i last bought her books. it was 2 years ago, when my mom agreed to buy for me Hurting Distance and Little Face (well, of course after non-stop-begging-yet-doing-it-whole-heartedly just to get these two books)

it's no secret that i love Sophie Hannah's books, like soo soooo muchh! i think she's an amazing writer and i never ever know what is going to happen in her books, and usually, i know who has done what and why by about the third chapter of a thriller/mystery/horror. but reading Sophie Hannah - i won't lie to you; she doesn't shy away from going to some very, very dark places. it's a waste if you are looking for a cheerful read when this amusing writer exists in this real world, like seriously; you have to read her books. like my friend did to my Hurting Distance until she forgot to return it back, kan fera? hehe. no worries, i'm going to charge you for the overdue. hehe *kidding*

i picked up these two books (The Other Half Lives and A Room Swept White) based on critical reviews that had been posted online and in book publications. it was very good and if you enjoy British psychological thrillers a la Minette Walters, you won't be disappointed :)

well, of course nerds need to be vain too. i bought a handbag, well hope it won't look bulky in the others' eyes especially the pedestrians (just in case my handbag looks ugly so much then he couldn't stop staring until he missed the traffic...uh...what will happen next, kan?) but, who cares? hehe, so here we gooo; the vouge-est handbag i've ever had (for the time being laa), tadaaaa!

it's white actually. simple kan? look vain?? see, told you vainity won't kill. HAHA, no lah, cheap cheap one; in pasar gantung also got. haha. okay everyone, sleep tight! remember to forgive and forget before you sleep! forgive me too yaa!

salam :D


ahmad endo said...

part makan2 memang best...hahaha

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

*like comment atas* :D