Monday, January 17, 2011

two and a half movies in a row :)

you're alone, you always think you're a loner, you'll never get along with people; well, you said that. but have you ever said that you need a replacement? you need someone similar with that person you've been missing? you missed somebody and that's not alone; but lonely.

i thought it's plausible to just forget people, when they went to boarding school, to overseas or maybe; to death. moans and groans, still; those never matched my life but i am not the one who decides. love and loss, that's what i thought. the feelings? i've never thought of them to approach, they just dropped by as if the wind blows each time we stopped to converse.

the lump in my throat just kept growing and growing. i practically had to force it down when i watched My Sister's Keeper last night, just to prevent my mom from hearing me sob (even though i knew my mom was actually sleeping). well, who knows my sobs would wake her from her slumber and i know that would definitely throw me off. i was ego, no; i am ego :\

this real world; people come and go, there's no such thing like touch and go, really. death is not separation but it's a return. don't cry when they're gone, smile because they're loved. love each and every creatures who are living with us, or leaving us or even those who had left us.

why am i so emo? don't ask. bad influences from HBO. -,-
oh yea, the other one and a half movies are Antara Garisan (Astro Ria) and half of When In Rome (Star Movies) - since i watched My Sister's Keeper for the first half an hour, hehe ;)

and now, kindly take a glimpse on my new-hand-made-layout. simple and love it. no more heavy gadgets on this page, crossed-finger :D

songs of the week :)

by the way, good news. terengganu people; please get ready, i'm on my way! so to KK and KL folks, it's shopping time! (well, even though year end sale is over now) it's better late than never! :D

salam :D


sue. said...

bes ea cte 2 dear?

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

which one? suma bestt! my sister's keeper tuh paling best. menangis2. emo skali skala ok gak ;)

when in rome; ok laa. about the curse of love.

antara garisan; paling paling best! byk pngajaran. bisikan syaitan yg dianggap mulia. fuhh, best laa :D

andynurehanadibahrahim said...

i saw my sister's keeper last year actually. the movie was actually based of one of the bestseller novel actually with the same title. i practically did enjoy the movie.. it was full with emotions and feeling. i cried too. a lot.

DrNotts said...

the first one, auntie nangis tengok.

the second, tak pernah dengar pun, but will try to find

the third, memang best.

sila tengok secret garden. hyun bin and ha ji won. ke awak dah tengok! hehhehe. baru kelmarin auntie tengok with widad.

by the way, widad ni yang suka korean drama, movies and wat nots.

De Mois said...

Tak layan cerita melayu ke?? Huhu..

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Nabila Azureen Azis said...

andy; yeah, the moment i saw the movie trailer in HBO, then i knew My Sister's Keeper book has the movie one too. haha.

dr. notts: secret garden??!! HAHAHAHA, i'm watching it tooo! sort of like; freaky friday?? by lindsay?? haha, i love secret garden sooo much :D

de mois: layan!! especially by aflin shauki; love the humours, love the story, love the THEORIES.heheh :)