Sunday, June 26, 2011

we're so lucky, batch 93

warning: the following post may seem to be a racial slur but keep in mind the writer is a malay, therefore there is no racial bs in this. furthermore, the writer would like to apologize on any damage inflicted by the following. everyone is entitled for their opinion and the writer has hers. freedom of speech is practiced in Malaysia. viewer discretion is advised :)

guess most of us are well aware of this. but if you don't, kindly check it here:
1. PSD scholarships to be reviewed next year or
2. PM: Total review of PSD scholarship policy in 2012 :)

earlier this month, i was shocked and i believe most of us were, as well since we're informed that students with top results didn't get PILN that they deserve to get despite the vow made by pm that all students scoring 8A+ and above will receive the PSD scholarships. some of them even ended up getting matrix and diploma to study in local.

i am not a straight A+ student in the first place but alhamdulillah, i got PILN. i was excited at the beginning but as time passes, i felt guilty. i thought that i didn't deserve to get it.

so last night i had a short yet thoughtful conversation with a friend of mine, Afiq who is pursuing his studies in UTM Skudai under MARA's Excellence Scheme Program (SPC). yes, he was offered a fast track engineering course even before spm result was announced. he's one of our top spm scorers in my former school and i must admit, he's indeed a potential student. he decided to stay on track, "even if most of your friends are studying abroad?", i asked.

"this is already a blessing. who knows that i may pursue my master abroad?" - he replied.

that very sentence itself had made me thought.

"do i deserve this?" - i doubted.
i didn't feel as ecstatic as i expected myself to be. yes of course, i am grateful, but somehow i still question myself: "do i deserve this?". i am a bumiputra, so when people say non-bumi scorers didn't get PILN, i was taken aback. why did i get this, and not them? what if someone needs it more that i need it? not to say that i am from a rich family, but i believe my parents can afford to send me to local IPTA for my studies. makes me wonder, this opportunity i am given, although i believe God fated it for me, maybe, just maybe, if someone whose financial state is worse than mine is given the opportunity - maybe it'll be more worthy? maybe it'll make a whole lot more of a difference.

"opportunity knocks but only once, yin" - my heart whispered.
why don't i just accept it and make full use of this opportunity to study hard, get my degree, and come back to serve my nation? yes, the only approach to this situation is i've promised to study real hard and not to take it for granted. it is not a privilege, it's a responsibility. we're using the people's money, they've worked to earn, feed their kids and paid taxes. being a government scholar is never about the fame or the bragging rights because after our studies, we'll work in the government, for the people.

"yes, the people" - i assured myself.
we study for them, we work for them, we serve them. not the political party that runs the government, not the royal family that leads our constitution - but the people of Malaysia, regardless of their race and faith.

yes, i want to educate people to love themselves, how each and everyone of my patient is so precious. i want the entire nation to appreciate themselves with the only way possible – take a good care of their own body. and i strongly believe that an education supported by using people’s money, who pay taxes every year, should be giving back to what they’ve paid for, and this i aim to achieve.

insyaAllah, i'll do my best in IB. lillahitaa'la :)

so dear friends, jpa/mara or any scholars, even those who're studying in IPTAs and pre-u program provided allowance every month, be grateful that we're given financial aid from the government. whether it's PIDN or PILN, be thankful that we had at least secured a place to continue our studies.

always believe that this is part of Allah's wonderful plan in our life. as for those brilliant students who didn't get a scholarship, perhaps God is moulding them and preparing them for something even greater.

remember, taking the scholarship for granted and not doing their best is like stealing people's money.

and for this i would like to wish everyone: all the best! :)

assalamualaikum :D


Mr. FF said...

fuuuhh... niceee!

can see that you got the determination required. keep it up!

Nurul Sabri said...

sangat bagus bila awk ada pemikiran mcm nie. :)

Mohd Rafie Izwan said...

hahaha..yin2x tahu2 pula bah c 2F...

Izu Atikah said...

the best thing about reading this post is the song ended just as i finished reading it. lols

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

Mr FF: thanks. insyaAllah :)

kak nurul: hehe, thanks for reading. insyaAllah momentum akan berpenjangan :p

rafie: lol. biar la bahh. haha xD

izu atikah: hehe, lol, that tickles me too :p

nadnad said...

yinn! im really really proud of you.
your thought is your mine darl. i love it :) yes, i also keep asking myself 'am i deserve this ? ' hmm, but Allah always know the best rite ? He give us this oppurtunity and all the sustenance is just to see His creature either keep remember Him or not when they already succeed and achieve what they want. I keep remind myself tht sume rezeki yang Allah beri must be the wisdom behind its right ? :) always be grateful to Him. lillahita'ala <3

yui92 said...

regardless where we are today and what we are doing, just give our very best to it...

yui92 said...

ur writing is fascinating... great job...

btw, ambik medic jugak ke?

confessions of a medical student said...

Dear Nabila,
thanks for dropping by. i am glad that you find my blog somewhat inspiring, as most of the time, i am just sharing my thoughts and feelings...

oh yes, congratulations on PILN!! take time to decide, whether to pursue your career as a Doctor,.. think about it, sleep on it... as it is not just any profession,.. it comes with hardship and yes, sacrifices along the way... and if you still decide to continue in this line, celebrate the magic of medicine with me... endure and overcome the challenges that makes us stronger,.. and in the end, believe, believe that you can make a difference... this is indeed a very noble profession...

take care and all the best!

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

nanad: yepp, nothing happens by chance or by means of luck, everything simply happens for a reason and yeah, wallahua'lam :)

yui92: thanks for dropping by. yepp, medic. awk pun medic kan? visited your blog, wahhh, very inspring. will visit more often :D

Dr Shinyin: thank you so much! i'll put my best effort into this really!

insyaallah. thanks everyone :)

anas saifuddin said...

gamba2 yg anda guna sangat lawa!