Monday, June 13, 2011

so you want to be a doctor?

i admire the frankness and honesty in some articles, here and here. and do read up the other views from the other doctors, provided the link on the right column.

reality hurts, this phrase suits the medical profession very well. the bloggers (of MOs, HOs, specialists etc) did a great job in informing future doc-wannabes about the pros and cons of the profession, mostly about the misconception that the public has regarding the medical doctor.

i had my days in sandakan right after i finished my high school. considering my mom's profession who often deals with the medical staffs in general hospital, i took every opportunity just to at least know how the journey of a doctor would be, with a great hope that i will someday embark on this journey with passion, with great interest in the subject.

until, this one HO approached me and asked: are you sure you want to become a doctor? i nodded, reassured him with a yes.

still, he doubted me.

1. doctors have no life - he added.
i believe that we had goals. silly, egotistical goals of fame and money. not to forget, the adequate level of hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, and vasopressin in our brain which will trigger the desire of having boyfriend/girlfriend and soon to bonding and creation of long term relationship, marriage.

to whom we're married, it's Allah's arrangement. with this belief and a little effort, insyaAllah, our sincere desire will be fulfilled since it's a sunnah from Rasulullah :)

fame and money? 4:77, 40:39.

2. gaji tak besar - he argued.
looking at the government sector, i believe salary does not keep in tandem with the forever rising costs of living. one day i will have my own family to feed, while taking care of the elderly in my family. and reconsider the hazardous long hours of working, i thought twice.

i once had an experience of working, as a cashier in KFC. some will doubt me in response: "how can you compare a cashier with a doctor?" this is not comparing, only to share my first working experiences. this career may sound like a 'cashier' but we did a lot more other things, rather than standing there comfortably waiting for customers, involving ourselves only with figures and money. we clean the equipments, deal with dissatisfied customers, cut the lettuce to 0.08mm width and 0.5mm of length, we measure every single thing according to the procedures. we even work overtime without overtime pay.

i believe the rest of the careers on earth require responsibilities and hard work, including doctors.

i know, i'm not yet a doctor and have no rights in discussing the reality of being a doctor in the first place.

3. but, why blame us?

what amuses me so much is how this person is actually happy and excited to see the disappointed faces of future doctors. all those good doctors in the country today, weren’t they “enthusiastic SPM leavers” once before? maybe he's talking about the ones who have a fantasy about being a doctor, i wish he does know that this affects every graduate, good or bad. again, why blame our passion?

if the housemanship in Malaysia is getting worse for the reason that unqualified students are eager to become doctors or i suppose had become ones, then create good entry qualifications and strict monitoring of the pre-u standards. MMC should be strict in monitoring quality itself. no, MMC should be a free body to monitor the standards of doctors practising in this country in the first place.

and, why remove medical common exam? it's the only way to segregate the quality students from those sub-par. all developed countries with well structured medical programs must have at least one licensing exam to ensure doctors are of certain quality. also, to maintain the quality of the healthcare system itself. why and why?

get distracted by those pessimistic views feels like being defeated. but, ever heard of: being defeated is often temporary, giving up makes it permanent? i may get distracted, but i'm not giving up.

16: 53, whatever blessings and good things you have, it is from Allah. alhamdulillah, to be arranged in this medical journey itself is a blessing from Him. and so, we hear and we obey. 2:286, this path may be hard, even if one day He took away one of our best abilities or blessings, or perhaps He doesn't fulfill any of our desires, always believe that He knows best.

i am assigned to this responsibility and so i will go on. inna mal a'malu binniat. insyaAllah :)


Mohd Rafie Izwan said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

Thanks for your point of view.. this is the first post I think that made me to stand strong against my opinion to be a "DOCTOR".

There's no doubt about misconception regarding this field,especially those who wants to be a doctor are tends to be thought about making a good investments in future and yeah want to have a long time with girlfriend(s) and etc2<---sound exaggerate because of the presence of a bunch of hormones in human body(whateverla)..but but but...

btw read this link...

2F said...

it's 3.30 in the morning and my lids are getting heavier.

but i cannot resist the temptation to comment on your blog.

you see, all the discussion about the ho's glut will goes back to the government. and it is really true. more strict screenings should be done to ensure more quality doctors.

but still, I think at the end of the day, it goes back to the doctor's attitude,or more precisely, what he wanted to achieve by being a doctor. just like the hadith.

arghhh.. i'm sleepy.

nice post. just discovered your blog and i gotta admit it's a nice one. followed you.

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

rafie: waalaikumusalam

glad that you finally stood firm with your decision.

and thanks for the link, it was inspiring.

2F: i've been thinking a lot lately about taking chances, the career itself. and how it's really just about overcoming my fears. because the truth is: every time you take a big risk in your life, no matter how it ends up, you'll always feel glad you took it, unless you have no passion.

everything should be based on our nawaitu, lillahi ta'ala, and the 'attitudes' will come naturally.

insyaAllah :)

nadnad said...

heyy i stalking your blog. heh-heh
okayy i do agree bout this, some people like wanna to make us down and some people do encourage us to pursue our victory. but no matter how big the challenges come. the important is ourselves rite ?. the way we make decisions and conclusions. :) so, best of luck to u ! :)

Mohd Ikhwan waoNe said...

ringkas dan padat : ikut kata hati, percaya pada ilahi. bila semua sudah sebati, jangan undur diri!

inshaAllah. if you're really sure bout this (to be a good Muslimah dukturah) don't be doubt with that. as long as you bear in your mind that Allah will always there for you. :)

yknow what, I don't really know whether medicine is the best choice I've ever made or not. - but hey, just trust ourselves! :D

whenever I feel like on the verge of breaking down, one phrase popped into my mind, "Allah tidak akan hantar kau ke sini kalau kau tidak layak untuk di sini"

Allah ialah Maha Pengatur. He knows the best for us. :)

and all the best again!

also dedicated to adik-adik (ah, terasa tua) yang bakal jadi medical student. :)

and I agree with 2F! it's a nice post by the way :)

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

nanad: yepp, couldnt agree more. it's all about handling things, how we started out things and finish it, and finally improve and learn new things!

mohd ikhwan: wallahua'lam, Allah knows best. thanks for reading senior! hehe, and best of luck upon achieving your dreams! insyaAllah.

assalam :)

Puding Karamel said...

wise thinking
which even some of the HOs has never even dreamt of

true enough,innamal a'maalu binniyaat.
stay true to ur passion, and work hard to achieve your target,with good amal along the way,ins allah nothing will ever cross ur path, biiznillah
all the best
moga Allah permudahkan jalanmu.

Nabila Azureen Azis said...


insyaAllah, amin. thanks for reading! :D

Anonymous said...


Thanks for listing my blog on your page. Didn't know you read my ramblings--they're not very doctor-like.

By the way, a house officer has no place to tell you if being a doctor is a good or a bad idea. Medical students, either.

I haven't been in this line long (5 years as a student, 6 as a medical officer, and now I'm pursuing my Master's Degree). However, I've seen and gone through enough to know that the decision to become a doctor has to come from within you. You cannot do it because your family expects you to. You can do it for the money, because after completing your compulsory service, you can always work at a private clinic full-time for 10-15k a month (or, as a specialist, significantly more than that).

Work is difficult, because you hold people's lives in your hands. You can kill them, you can heal them. That alone is a huge responsibility. Facing death--even among doctors, not all of us can do this.

But when you save a life, when you hold a newborn baby in your hands, when you make someone feel that much better, all the hardships seem to melt.

If you know deep in your heart that you are a healer, let no one stop you from pursuing this line.

Fadzlishah Johanabas