Wednesday, February 9, 2011

nasi lalap craving - satiated! :D

current mood: extremely happy like never before :DD

while considering what dish to make for lunch today, i've been fighting a serious cold since this morning. so as a result i've been craving for some comfort food; more likely to be spicy and hot (straight from the kitchen!) *woah!* :D

as usual, i asked my dad what to cook and blah blah blahhh -.-
and surprisingly - my dad offered me a treat!!! and it's nasi lalap at my favourite spot! huarghhhhhhhhhhhhh! :DDD

it's double treat babe!
dad drives + dad pays! :D

row of stores in taman semarak :)
(the biggest regency in tawau, huargh! :D)

anddd, here we are!

it's the best best best spot to experience the best quality of food yet paying the littlest to the owner! no government tax charged people! support Java's (Jawa) community since it's Javanese's cuisine! (i'm one of the community too fyi. hehe ;p)

besides char keow teow, my all time favourite food is NASI LALAP. huhh? lalap? or lalat? lalap rice? what theeeee??? chill yaw, for those who're not well awared of this marvelous food, kindly take a glimpse at the pictures below:

yes, that's fried chicken. well, unlike the kentucky fried chicken in kfc's restaurant, this is classic! after all fried food (especially fried chicken) is my ultimate comfort food; though i don't eat it as often for obvious reason, but i love the contrast of the exterior crunchiness and the interior tenderness. while chewing it, even to the tiniest bit, you'll crave for another crispy taste of the chicken. then you'll have no more mercy towards any chicken in this world. when you see them, you wish yourself is a vampire (one of the cullen's to be exact) - grab the chicken and eat it aliveeeeee!! muahahahahahahahaha *evil laugh*


*wait, is it halal?*


(the part where 'you grab alive chicken and eat' is of course not halal but nasi lalap is hundred percently HALAL. no worries :D)

the fried chicken and the soup (not in the picture) were as delicious as ever, but without the sauce (sambal) the meal just wasn’t complete. and the only way to know if the items work as a whole meal is to taste the sambal. trust me, if the sambal works; the whole meal will taste perfecto!

let's look back, if you've ever bumped into Java people, or Java's community, or just look at the people in Java, Indonesia itself; most of them have good bodies. i mean; THEY ARE MOSTLY SLIM :D

why? because they're being good to their body. see, even they're eating fried chicken, but simultaneously, they apply raw vegetables into their meal. they'll not only have a better digestion but also improve their skin appearance. and the most effective ways of getting a good skin is to eat RAW EGG. haha, this tastes soooo good :D

last but not least, the major supply of carbohydrates from a well steamed rice. malaysian people always think shedding extra weight is a difficult task. but the fact is that they are not aware of the true fact that one can easily shed their build up fat just by following proper diet, proper exercise as well as more important health supplement.

there's nothing wrong to eat rice, well some would say it provides 2 times of carbs but less energy than what bread offers; but still, we can't simply decline the fact that rice is our main dish. it's okay to eat rice but not too much.

my mom's advice: eat frequent but little. bear in mind to eat enough to feel satisfied, but not overly full.

imagine this perfect meal. savor its flavors. reflect on its health benefits, simply fills your table deliciously and nutritionally. instead of wasting money in high class restaurants, why not having this frugal lunch?

it only costs RM4.00 people (exclusive in Warung Jawa)!
bon apetit! :D

btw, my friends are having their worst boredom ever. they created a secret group. and to my-OH-MY; the name of the group is AYAT-AYAT CINTA. so-not-cool. and i'm accidentally added into that so-jiwang group -.-

salam! :D


andynurehanadibahrahim said...

hahaha.. secret group??
aku pon di add di situ oleh c fatcat!

berguling2 aku ketawak nie. fatcat jualah, raja segala jiwang. trus aku leave to group and leave a comment.

"wa bukan orang jiwang bha".

kejam tak aku??

sue. said...

syg..sedapnye.........nnt nk pergi ajaklarh sue..pleaseeeee..

<3 u,

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

rehan: eya, aku pun leave group. rimas dowh blik2 dpt notifications dari group jiwang tuh. -.-


sue: okay! tapi kena la dtg sabah dulu! hehe, kalau smpai sabah, contact sya ja! you're sooo welcome :D

CathJ said...

wah wah wah... double treat yerrr... best nyaaa....

I belum pernah turun Tawau lagi... sedangkan ada saudara mara kat situ.. uh huuu...

nxt time.. ^_^

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

cathJ: okay! no worries, kalau turun tawau, contact jaaa. nnt sya kac tingu betapa indah nya tawau. anddd, the best part is; tawau ne syurga makanan.

mao ikan bakar yg best, nasi lalap yg best, ayam penyet yg best, ayam tandoori yg best, cendol yg best, suma adaaa! :D

Anne Hashim said...

kak anne mau jugk bha yin... hihihi...

Erwan Enstienium said...

huhu..nice..tiba2 lapar lak perut..tok3 perut berbunyii...heheh!!

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

kak anne: haha, ok ok, kalau kak anne dtg tawau, kita p sna makan sama2 :D

erwan: lapar? jmput la ke warung jawa utk makan dan keluar duit ;)

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