Thursday, February 3, 2011

the film series: The Arrivals

to all of a sudden; i remembered how The Arrivals had become youtube hit and form 5 students' next top issue to talk to, last year. we tend to be so curious about the whole thing, especially this one classmate of mine, afiq; how he asked so many questions to ustazah, how he become so fanatic about it etc. he even worked as a part-time translater to the audience everytime they (the boys) get to watch it.

for the ignorant i am, i watched the film series anyway due to to the so-called-phenomenon in maktab. the 50 part film centers around the arrivals of the Dajjal (or AntiChrist as he is known in Christianity and Judaism) and Imam Mahdi. the arrivals of both dajjal and Imam Mahdi are major signs of the approach of Yawmal Qiyamah (day of Judgement).

unlike any other publication on dajjal, Imam Mahdi or the other major signs The Arrivals shows how dajjal has possibly already arrived and how he may have already lead you astray. the filmakers (production); Noreaga and Achenahr as they call themselves, have a well researched theory about freemasons preparing for the arrival of their god, satan and dajjal, by conditioning the world to indulge in consumerism and materialism.

let's face it; look at our modern day society and its consumer-mindedness is mostly unIslamic. tv shows, pop music, celebrity worship, the robot-like following of fashion, the unrealistic ideas of beauty all promote a society in which religion has no place. even homosexuality is commonplace. a woman's sensual beauty is a mere tool for advertising. religious figures are mocked, while Madonna's stage antics are a slap in the face for catholicism. it's everywhere. i could vividly recall ustazah's words; "religious morals are seen as outdated. it's hard to be avoided, because it's everywhere." even ustazah said so. hurm.

for the first time hearing about it, it sounds like yet another far-fetched conspiracy theory involving freemasonry. i am no conspirator, nor do i easily listen to anything that has the words UFOs and freemasons in it. (speaking of UFO; click this: "UFO hovers over Jerusalem")

okay, i was even sceptical about this film series. but as i watched the first few parts of it, there were facts it brought up that i couldn't argue against. it was disconcerting.

they present the theory to you as it's not the absolute truth, but something to make you think and consider conducting your own further investigation. whether you believe the film or not, is up to you.

but there's one thing i couldn't deny: the entire world is either steeped in one system, or they are racing to join it. and that system has ideals and morals that are wholly unIslamic.

when i realised that, i no longer wanted to be a part of it. as much as possible i wanted to stay out of it.

that's what put all my struggles with hijab, Islam in general, into perspective. i was stepping into that system and way of life during my 'rebellious years'. after The Arrivals i recognised the system for what it was: the path of those who are lead astray. and it's our own choice to simply become one of them or to deny it.

"I seek refuge in Allah from the outcast Satan
In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.
The Beneficient, the Merciful.
Master of the Day of Judgement.
Thee alone do we worship, Thee alone do we ask for help.
Show us the straight path,
The path of those whom Thou hast favoured,
Not the path of those who have earned Thine anger,
nor of those who have gone astray.


insyaAllah, may all of us try to look at the signs, all around us; doesn't it prove enough? and bear in mind, don't think too much about something, especially how the nature works, the origins of nature etc, because; everything happens to us through the will of Allah.

like how i met to a sister; who's currently pursuing medic in University of Jordan. well, we haven't met yet, but through the conversations we had in skype and phone; she taught me a lot. especially on how Islam becomes not only our faith but our lifestyle as well. may Allah bless her and her entire family. hee :D

and let's pray for all Malaysians who are still in Egypt, and for Egypt as well as Muslims' right and justice. amin.

salam! :D


Anonymous said...

The arrivals mmg tiptop,tp kalo tlmpau taksub pun bhy jgk,ade yg asik ckp sal freemason lps tgk e2 vid..silap2 tpesong akidah..

Anonymous said...

sbb itu dlm islam kita disuruh bersederhana je dlm stiap perkara~ islam itu indah bila diamalkn scra betul2..iA mntalah penjagaan ALLAH dlm stp perkara~