Monday, May 16, 2011

where i found guidance, discipline and love :)

it's weird when i know abah was well-known by the nickname of bugis, especially in the village called kampung jawa. and as he started his business world 8 years back, people on the street even students at my age would simply call him pak cik kantin whenever they bump into him. and for his chinese friends also his former colleagues from bank, he wouldn't mind being called Ajis instead of his real name, Azis. couldn't say more, he is indeed a famous dad.

but for all this while, i've been thinking if my mom had a nickname or glamour name or at least a simple yet 'remember-able' name from her friends, and the best answer i could find is - Puan Fatimah. imagining my mom as a strict mom at home, no wonder she was crowned with that bossy name.

my parents couldn't have been more different emotionally. abah is a really open-hearted person who constantly showers us with hugs and kisses no matter the occasion. as for my mom, she seldom openly showed affection. instead, she demonstrated that she cared in more practical ways. and to think back my soft-hearted dad who could simply follow our desires, my mom hardly says 'yes' to whatever things we've been craving to do. my mom did try to change though with the persuasion from my dad, but it was clear that she never felt quite right expressing her emotions. eventually she reverted to her old self.

the difference between my parents was never more stark than during the times i brought home good test results from school. my dad would practically jump for joy, offering warm and affectionate words of congratulations and even give a treat on nasi lalap. but my mother? "ah, good, good," she would typically say with a tense smile etched on her face, "do better next time, okay?"

i tried not to hold a grudge against her for being so reserved. that was just her way, i reasoned.

but as i grow a little older, as abah no longer pampered us like before, as my big brother left us to the land down under, i finally understand the phrase i often heard from my mom, "you'll understand this when you're older" :)

i thank you mom for being such a strict yet diligent homemaker, i thank you mom for being the only understanding people on earth, i thank you mom for treating us with same hard hands and i love you mom for being a great mother to all us three.

and for this i would like to wish happy belated nurses' day, happy belated labour day, happy belated mothers' day and happy teachers day to you mom.

i love you mom.

this is for you and abah, and all my teachers. thanks for the support and guidance. alhamdulillah! :)

i'll definitely put my best effort into this. thanks MARA for giving this very opportunity. =)

assalamualaikum! =D


Ruzanna said...

Salam. sweet entry. Good info on the origin of "Abah". u call ur dad, Abah? Me too. hehe.

so u're a doctor-to-be... good luck with your IB :D

-Jerry- said...

you are for the win.
eyes nvr got tired reading akk the way down.. cheereeos!

XiaoWei said...

Congrats to you, nabila!!!You have definitely strive through this by your very own effort and I do admire your potential!Great to be able to "bump" into you few weeks back! HAHAHA! :) All the best in your future, especially as you further your studies :) Take good care....


Ahmad Safwan bin Idrus said...

Good luck IB :)

hanisa sabrina said...

jumpa lah kita nanti ye ^^

Wan Harun said...

habes la habes la habes la habes la ib.