Friday, January 30, 2009


as what i've understood, the appendix at one time assisted in our digestion which today, it is useless. our wisdom teeth, i have learned, helped us to chew tough herbs and raw meat. today they are a nuisance.

but there is a third biological mystery for which i have no answer;
why do men have nipples?

it seems to be logical if the question is 'why women have nipples?'. simple, for babies. but why do men have them? why?

i came acrossed this weird question after watching the video 'twilight' from nigahiga. remember the one he squeezed the evil's nipples till it bleed?
hoho. xD

so, i decided to ask my mom about it cause my mom teached biology. she answered me with some complicated medical terms which i ended up remain in question. and when i went to library yesterday, i found this.

i was kinda surprised when i found this book. i didn't expect i would find this book and it answered all my thoughts.

actually, males and females are kinda related. think logically, can human reproduce without an apposite sex? can human reproduce asexually? unless you're some bacteria or fungi which can reproduce asexually by the process binary fission, regenaration etc.

according to the book itself, scientists too have no explanation for this question. nipples and breasts actually have no function except for perhaps protecting the heart and lungs from injury and the nipples are present due to the effect of the genes. that's the reason why men have nipples.

grr, let's make it simple, if women have nipples, so do guys. cause both sexes are influeced by genes. get it?

so, if someone asked you 'why do men have nipples?'
the answer is,
because females do.

p.s : this is not a sex post, just some general knowledge which is useful in our life.

peace on you! ;D

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