Tuesday, January 20, 2009


why does the hottest guys have the ugliest and bitchiest girlfriend's?? tell me, i just dont get it.. its weird.. =.=

grabbed this from sheena's blog. i was wondering that too. it's just weird. why don't they just get some normal girlfriends? anywho, i've no answer for your question too sheena. perhaps iman will help yaa :)

btw, i'm so lucky today. fortunately, i didn't get punished by YSS. fuhh. i was asked about those atomic models and thank God i manage to answer it. almost everyone was punished but it was only some 50 times copy thing. sooner or later, we'll have that 200++ times copy paste thingy. urgh, we're totally stressed out when it comes to chemist. but anyway, i'll try my best to be 'fortunate' forever, is it possible?

and sheena, i am currently addicted to your favourite song, i'm still breathing by katy perry. that song means a lot. no wonder you love it so much. haha. :D

and to all my so-called fans, this is not a real update people. just crave on writing something. plus, i haven't watch tv for decades. hell i don't know what's going on around me, even the dog next door. i wonder if he's still alive or not. urgh, school really makes me look like a hard-core-stereotyper.

ignore it. it's just some craps. until my next post people! :D

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