Sunday, August 24, 2008

OMG ! school holiday is over !

hate to say 'school' this word . but i have to face it tommorrow .

well, school holiday is over and i have to face those 'creatures' AGAIN !
actually, i'm not hating them . they are the one who are making themselves to be hate . SPECIFICALLY, it's one of them actually . okie . stop here . don wanna mention bout them . SUCKS . SLUTS . IDOITS .

back to my topic, today is the last day of holiday .
well, hate to say that cuz i really need holiday .
i really need PEACE .
but overall .
i din enjoy much along this school holiday .
i mean it is just not a MAXIMUM fun hour .
just a stupid, sucks and boring reccess .
i prefer going to school instead .

yeah !
almost forgot .
my bro had gone back to his beloved school .
at kk . oww miss him so much .
and my cuzie, Anne
is coming back here living with us .
so that i'll never be bored . sad T.T but happy too ^.^

i just don know what's happening with me right now .
i really need a psychologist right now !
i'm out of my mind . really !
i wanna get out from this hectic life .
ok . stop my drama .
i still have tonnes of homework to be done .

well .
gtg .
hope for a better tomorrow .
face the music !
goodbye .

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