Monday, August 25, 2008


yay ! welcome back to school .
what a BAD day .
boring actually .
i don know what topic i wanna focus with today .

wokey .
my parents din allow me to play computer AGAIN .
yeah . i know that PMR is juz around the corner .
i'm pushing myself now . really .
and i'm really sorry to my friends
cuz it seems like i din hve time for them anymore .
no time for fun and even a single sms .
but i'm so glad that i hve some time to write this blog ^.^

back to the topic .
wokey . today , one of my friend told me
something that i don wanna hear .
she told me about the haters .
okey i don wanna think of them anymore
juz pretend they're not exist but
they seems like wanna make me mad or what .
i don know .

but it's up to them .
we can't stop people from bitching around right ?
well, juz let them bullshitting and do whore things .
cuz they're absolutely look like whoreS .
whatever . up to them .
as long as they din disturb me .
it's fine .

i'm just a normal human .
everyone of us DO make mistakes .
if i'm wrong, tell me what's the prob .
but if you do this for no apparent reason at all,
shut up dear ! cuz i think u're not much better than me .

wokey .
i wanna get out of this .
i'm done with it .
i've my own happy life .
why should i care about you ?

mind your own business, idiots !
you're good for nothing .

by the way .
thanks for reading .
gtg .
hope for a better tomorrow !
face the music !
goodbye .

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