Monday, September 13, 2010


in the midst of eid, we planned to have a slightly different meeting, tennis court meeting. well, to be honest, this is the first time i played tennis, so yeah, here's the story goes.

this is what happened when i tried to treat the tennis ball like a shuttle cock. lol.

and this is when my 'good' friends trying to rescue my tennis ball.

and finally, it landed safely :D

eleena dementieva and the gang. lol.

we played in Fuji Park tennis court, by the way :)

the innocent look after noticing his adidas bottle worthed RM25 was broken.
(jagatheesh, my driver ;p)

billie (left) who's always busy on the line, *banyak girlfriend* ;p

joey, the most '38' girl i've ever met. lol.

after our 1 hour and a half attempt of getting fit, we ended up hanging out in nostalgia. gaining weight, again -.-'

an image of the old cinema in tawau :)

me, joey and yvonne (the barbie doll girl ;p)

our extremely huge apple juice.
we, (3 persons all together) finished it after 2 hours. -.-

me and jag. (mind you, he's not available and he's not mine)

'N' stands for NABILA. ;p

happy looks after eating. :D (this is normal)

well, simple yet meaningful. really hope to hang out with you guys again, some other day maybe? and thanks for the double treat (tennis + food). sweet reminisce, especially on the picking-balls-and-balls-went-missing-at-the-end thing :D

and i had this daughter-and-mom conversation just now. well, it's about girls' stuff. discussion went serious at first and everything goes fine afterwards. i felt a little bit awkward, well, discussing about something serious with my mom, really serious, i mean it. it ended when our rendang for tomorrow got cooked. overall, thanks mommy, that conversation just now, was fun. it's been a while since i last talked to you for that long :)

goodnight and happy eid. can't wait for MRSM's raya tour tomorrow. sleep early guys! salam :D

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