Thursday, September 9, 2010

it's yin, not rin :p

now, let's see, everyone might probably busy on the line, chatting with their love ones, or maybe in the kitchen cooking rendang, or sitting outdoor just to wait for the lemang to get cooked, or worse; staring at the wardrobe figuring out what to wear tomorrow. hey, it's eid. salam aidilfitri, everyone :)

i am in the other hand. i'd be rather sleeping early just to avoid my puffy and baggy eyes become worse tomorrow. gahh, everything's done, my rendang, house chores, invitations, perfect. so before naturally recurring altered state of consciousness with relatively suspended sensory activity (sleeping), i would like to fulfill a friend's request since he already kept his part of the deal, well, perfectly i must say ;P

my life is like an arrangement, everything was partially drafted and still, is planned. i am living my mom's dream, well, many people would say;'since i was young' but i would rather say 'since i was a foetus'. (this is serious, mind you :p)

along my mother's pregnancy, my mother was offered comprehensive care from a doctor, a Burmese. she took care of everything. my mom was a nurse too that time, so they're bound to meet each other so frequently. she loved to ask about my mom's health including ME (which is still living in the womb :D). she was married to a doctor too and had a wonderful marriage. that happy couple soon tried to have a baby a few years back then but unfortunatly, they failed. their marriage came to an end.

no one knows how it feels to live alone. she had to travel so far just to continue her life, literally escaped from the nightmares she had in Burma. right after i was born, her wounds healed so much faster, it's like her huge amount of fibrinogen was converted into fibrin in no time and seal all the wounds.

i was named after the combination of sultan perak's daughter's name, azureen and the beautiful meaning of the name nabila, which means clever by my abah. (thanks abah :D) soon after, i was given a second name by my mom; yin, which means silver in chinese. that was the burmese doctor's name. once again, i was named after a person, and she's a doctor. she was a tough woman, determined and caring. she even treated me like her own baby but then she moved back to Burma and i didn't even have a chance to have a real sight of her.

this name probably a rememberance of Dr Yin or maybe a reminder in assembling the reality for my custodians to see me becoming a successful doctor. well, they just want to procure a fluorish future of mine after being shot down by my big bro for choosing engineering instead of medicine. but no worries, i love blood and starting to love biology. thanks mummy and abah :)



Farhan Baku said...

love the title,haha :P

thanks for fulfilling your part of the deal. I guess it should come as no surprise now as to why you want to be a doctor so much kan? here's to hoping you achieve what you aim for and possibly meet Dr. Yin again in the future somehow :)

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

thanks for the support. i really want to meet Dr Yin ever since my mom told the story. pray for me :)