Thursday, September 16, 2010

47 years of neglect (same as sosilawati's age ;p)

a shot during konvensyen kepimpinan at mrsm merbok, kedah :)

i was delighted to read an article, 'Time to Address 47 Years of Neglect'. the author did not mince his words or has stuck to the facts.

"It will take more than just granting holidays or constant reassurances of goodwill. Sabah and Sarawak deserve their share of the nation’s wealth and attention. Furthermore, the respective points of the two agreement have to be adhered to."
- Karim Raslan

we are blessed. variety and diversity of ourselves had made us as one, one malaysia. the issue of 16 september had been debated though the fact malaysia was formed on this particular date cannot be disputed.

i was once confused by the proclamation; 'happy birthday, Malaysia' on 31st of August, deluged too with 'happy 53rd birthday, Malaysia' in conjunction with merdeka day this year. i learnt sejarah, indeed, malaysia was about to be formed on 31st of august 1963, but due to the incomplete report that had to be done on time, it was delayed and this leads to the existence of 16th of september 1963, the exact Malaysia Day. malaysia was not formed on the 31st of august, nor is malaysia 53 years old this year.

i'm not attempting to reduce the significance of 31st of august 1957, nor the others, particularly sabahans. it's a historic day and for this matter, it is purely a peninsular phenomenon. insisting on 31st of august as 'national day' and 16th of september as 'malaysia day' doesn't make sense.

well, whatever it may happen, or had happened, it shouldn't be another issue. as a pure sabahan, i'm grateful that government, especially our prime minister for proclaiming Malaysia Day should be celebrated today. his fight against extremism is a good idea. (but i'm not into politic so much, mind you).

niza, me, ang hian ning & jagatheesh

why don't we live like fish and green turtle? one gets meal and the other gets a clean shell (mutualism; a positive reciprocal relationship between two species). like us, their survival is dependent on collaboration.

let's be inspired to make progress with less of 'me' and more of 'we'. this malaysia day, may the spirit of cooperation unite our hearts as we continue to progress as one.

me, jooey & wong suk yee :)

Selamat Hari Malaysia, everyone :)


Naz^^<~ said...

On 31st August, there was a lot of argument about it. Then, there was this "Minister/Menteri" told us that Sabah and Sarawak got it's independent on 31st August too, and they together form Malaysia on 16 September.

To me, that doesn't make any sense.
1) Not in Form 5 Sejarah text book.
---> Don't blind us :)

2) Why does Sabah and Sarawak must form Malaysia if they already have their independence?
---> IF this is the answer
~~ They do not have anyone who can be a leader.
---> Well yeah maybe that's true, but lets see.. Brunei?.. A well develop country now and amongst the richest country. Sabah?.. Nothing.. All , I mean almost all of it is used to develop the peninsular.

Maybe the Indonesian was right a long time ago. Dasar Neokoloniolisme baru?.. Seems like it.. Seems to be.. but who know?...

-----------> It's not that I'm not grateful, it's just my 2cent..

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

this is really a sensitive issue. well, i had that in mind, but be calm n rational. if we sabahans, keep on thinking the whole thing is 'dasar neokolonisme', then we wont go any much further. i think government at least realized who are the exact people that had been supporting them, and most of all, VOTE for them for all this while. yes, sabah. (been voting for the BN)

so, despite those unfair matters, i think we, sabahans should voice out and urge to government to at least improve our facilities, for example R&R, and especially the education of the needs. (we've no R&R at all)

look, the foreigners, indonesians, philipinos etc could own ID; but the local (especially the Bajau community) seems so hard to even get an ID for themselves n their children.

this is why; loads of locals had diffilculties in getting education and they end up working at the sea, and even living in the sea.

it's all up to US, right now. :)

GO GO SABAH! i love sabah :D

Naz^^<~ said...

I would like to debate with u about this much much much more Yin. but I think we should do this next time ;).

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

hold on; indeed brunei is a rich country. but they'll be running out of fuel in another few years. even korea and japan is running out of their natural gas in 2013, but they have many other alternatives.

maybe brunei wanted to run away from economic exploitation, but think twice, did they have the ability to survive like singapore did? i am truly impressed with singapore. they survive without having their own resources, because they are resouceful enough. :)