Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a prep escape ;p

current place; library.

okay, nothing much to rant about life. mock interview was finally over but they haven't get their post mortem yet. well, just a 'fuhhh'.

so tonight i'll do the near-impossible task of organizing + finishing my homeworkS. papers are scattered everywhere, terengganu's trial, melaka's trial, SBP's trial and so forth, i had it all. nose getting too itchy + back hurts. well, nevermind.

speaking about the interview, everything went just fine except for the fact that i had to wear my pseudopodia for HOURS (my 3-inches wedges). well, the best height increasing remedy i must say.

that was yesterday's stuff and today's stuff shocked me. ray JJ (4# guy) and i are chosen to be interviewed for MARA Student Exchange Programme, and you know what, IT WILL BE IN JAPAN!!!!! aishiteru!! :D

this one aint AFS, it is fully SPONSORED and the ultrafiltration aka interview will be held soon. wish me luck guys!

including for the 32-days left terrifying exams. amin :)
btw, i miss home; abah, mummy, kim and qayyum. :(

p/s; this sunday will be the most amazing night ever, my graduation night. wish me luck too guys! :DD

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