Monday, September 6, 2010


everybody says they're home. so yeah, me too, i'm home. great. guess what? this awful phrase had been repeating since my 'enrollment' into boarding school, or should i say; that creepy freaky namby-pamby prison? nahh, its fasting month, so no ghosts.

first of all, i hate my blog's template. it's pink and most of all, it doesn't really sounds, or look like me. okay, no one will actually understand me, neither will i. and second, it doesn't display the exact date of my entries, how could i recall everything? i'm an absent-minded for-any-concerns'-information. so now, my life leaves no more mercy, goodbye old template and say hello to the new one :D *well though i havent find any suits for the time being*

secondly, *did i mention 'second' just now? i've just finished my damn-hard+difficcult+brainstorming-easy+lazy=bunchofpaperswhichidontknowthepurposeoftheirexistence. i hate exams 'cause it brings no life. since the last three weeks, my roomates and even my juniors said the same thingto me; 'you're lifeless'. i disagreed, i'm halflived. *another influence from physics paper. overall, i think i screwed the papers. HAHA, i hate exams. -.-

thirdly, i hate my big bro. owning such sophisticated gadget aka iPod touch but indulging into truancy for not attending class for like 3 days is a NO-BIG-FAIR to an innocent sister like me. gahhhh, my mom bought him iPod touch from UK which i've been craving for lke the rest of my life? HAHA, very funny. still, i want that thing. -.-'

fourthly, i am out of money. my pocket money aka allowance had been officially cut off due to some economic overboard usage of money. okay, i spent too much money for the last three months, Pendang, Merbok and some miscellaneous personal spending of mine, hey, it's unavoidable. plus, i've been spending on online shawls, they're adorable! teehee :) well, i have some savings though. 'save for the rainy days', haha, this idiom works :)

lastly, just want to say thanks bloggie for being the only devoted companian along my desparate way. i love you :D

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