Sunday, March 8, 2009

sex maniac ≠ physcho

have you ever came across erotic thoughts before?
if no, you're a total bore.

look, i'm not a sex maniac, not a hypochondria, either. i had just noticed my wrinkles forming at my forehead. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if my hair turns white overnight. i know, i'm now an adult, i'm no longer young.

okay, i was a normal type of intellectual teenager before some super-duper erotic thoughts came across my mind---i have never seen a real dead body, or naked body for my entire life. except for some little toddler's sexy-not-naked-body.

perhaps you might be saying right now, i should seek a professional psychiatric help for my hypochondria. come'on, i'm 16. i think parents should be more opened in these kind of topic. same goes to teens, there's nothing to be shamed of. in fact, discussing these kind of things will prevent teens from going overboard 'cause at least, they know what are the consequences after doing sexual intercourse.

look, teens are growing, our body's in a whirl, our hormones are in a maelstroms and our emotions are up and down like yo-yo. and of course, teens want sex. every lad of our age does. it's just the matter of doing it or not. for example, there are people who crave penthouse apartment and exotic holidays, but we can't have what we want all the time, right?

as for me, myself, i've been discussing this topic with my parents and they take it easy. their advice: take up a hobby, keep physically and mentally alert, learn to control your breathing and most of all, believe in your belief. :)

i think sex is only a small part of our life. so, enjoy your precious teenage years, people! life is so enjoyable, if only you didn't live in a hostel.

still not happy with the laundry.

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