Monday, October 27, 2008

happy deepavali !
♥ to all Indians ..

yepedi yire kingge ? nanale irke . hahax . tamil opening ! wahahaha . nan unnai kadelikeren ! dat's wat my MIC's friends taught me . useful huh ? so , hello busybodies ! i've a really tiring day today which is a whole day of servicing musical instruments ! it suppose to be a happening holiday for me today but to my disappointment , all my plans had to be canceled last minute just for brass band . LOYAL brass band member , huh ? *sigh* .

so today , once again , we , BRASS BAND presented the school for some sports day , it's a family day i guess . and then , around 8 , we finished but not for e and the other AJKs . we've to stay til evening, around 5pm , to service our instruments . sound cool but it wasn't . not at all . i prefer taking care babies but not this ! for instruments like clarinet, flute, saxophone, xylophone, simba, n drum set, we need not to wash them . just polish it a bit and it's done .

but, some instruments need lots of work . namely trumpet, trombone, euphonium, horn and many more . thy're really ABUSING me with the dust and BACTERIA all over it . but washing them is kinda fun . yea , really , especially when we played the water and splashed it over to each other , it really makes me reminisce the past . the past where i used to WASTE the water in front of the house with the NAKED me . oww plz stop it . so, look how childish we are .

i love the water splashing out .

do u see the disgusting brush ?

this is what we call trombone in NAKED .

thy're real busy with work and me kept capturing pictures .

i really enjoyed myself playing with the splashes until my stomach started to whisper that i'm totally hungry . fyi, besides get 'abused' by the instruments , we also had to eat in an ABUSED way . this is the EVIDENCES ---

my lunch ~

as u can see here , we are STARVING .

to feel up our time with useful stuff , we'd also taken some idiot photos which is absolutely UGLY . so just close my blog if it's too ugly .

that's how i live my life today . yea2 , forget to tell u, i went to one indian's open house today and the curry was EXTREMELY superb ! and the kebab , i can't even dare to eat it ! it was that special and i just don't even wanna touch it . u wanna noe why ? cuz it's too BIG . and i dont think i can swallow it . so, i prefer chicken rice more . hee ^.^ so, that's all for tonight . tata titit tututtt .

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