Friday, October 17, 2008

PMR is over !!!!

♥ freedom at last !

right after we finished our last paper --- geography , I felt like I was flying on the sky ! finally PMR comes to an end . gosh, i nvr felt this way . now then i understand what freedom is all about ! PMR is over n it's time turn over a new leaf . next year, i'm one year older, n i'll be more matured than today . can't wait for sweet 16 . but of course , have to get my PMR results first . for 3 years struggling for PMR, five days last just like that . but , it's worthy mann . for so long i've been waiting, n i finally pass through this difficulty . now, just wanna know my results .

well, overall PMR is quite challenging . especially, CHINESE . it’s extremely hard babe !

BAHASA MALAYSIA --- this subject is rather challenging but fortunately, it’s not as hard as trial I think . and the paper 2 is good laa . no comment .

BAHASA INGGERIS --- it’s moderate . didn’t dare to say EASY . but sometimes, I do think it’s easy, if u compare with Singapore’s level . however, don’t be too confident . whatever it is, I’m satisfied enough with my English .

BAHASA CINA --- OMG . this is d hardest !!! just pray to God so I can get A for this subject . principal is hoping me to get straight 9As including this tough subject . I’m gonna die this time .

AGAMA ISLAM --- thank GOD ! Saidina Ali had become the question of the year ! hihi . thank GOD it’s not as hard as I think . but honestly , the invigilator for this subject is soo handsome . but fortunately, I still can concentrate on my exam . hahax .

MATH --- math ? it’s 100 times easier than our trial mann . hope I can get A for this .

SCIENCE --- nothing special . just like usual though . the paper 2 is quite challenging cuz it requires thinking . need lots of explanation . haizz .

SEJARAH --- me n my friends checked the answer for this subject n MAYBE I’ll get about 8 errors something . plz don’t be more than that . I forced myself to study this subject n it’ll be a waste if I didn’t get A for this . I’m out of my mind …

GEOGRAFI --- quite confusing but overall it’s OK . my teacher also checked this for me n to my surprise, I only get 5 errors ! hope it’s the real results mann.. I’ve studied so hard for this subject n I really hope for A .

KEMAHIRAN HIDUP --- I was so LUCKY to take ERT ! for three years I kept complaining this subject . but now, I really wanna thank the examiner for giving such beautiful questions ! thank GOD … I think I can do well in this subject . hope soo .

9 subjects . huh . 5 days . finally comes to an end . so, my PLAN after this ---

1. I wanna sleep 8 hours per day cuz I never had a sleep like that before this !!!
2. I wanna online 24hours n enjoy chatting with my friends .
3. I wanna get a new BF . hahax . just kidding .
4. I wanna get a new handphone ! but after I get my results of course .
5. I wanna rest on PEACE . not mati laa . just wanna have some peace . in innisfree I guess . hihi ^.^
6. I wanna be friend with my ENEMY ! hope soo . yeah right .
7. &, I wanna sleep with my mom n dad , cuz it’s been 3 years I didn’t sleep with them !!! hihi ^.^

That’s my DESPERATE seven plans . I got a lot more . but let me think of it first .

Well, gtg .
Wanna have some peace in my rest .
Ahax . just kidding LOL .
Good night n sweetdreams !

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