Friday, October 24, 2008

raya at school !

♥ school's eid !
ohha ! great day today ! whatchaaa ! actually, my school had just celebrated our annual hari raya party which was held just now . like years before, we're allowed to wear raya outfit . wahahahaha . evryone was happy with dat except those who don hve raya costume cuz they had to wear back that white blue outfit . u know laa . so today, kinda busy handling the class plus the laziness and the passiveness of our class , i'm extremely exhausted . first of all, wanna thank my dad cuz he's willing to sponsor our food . cheers ! =) & thanks too to my great great friends , for giving such a helpful hands , except those who din help me at all . well , just forgive them . it's still eid . we'd taken lots of pictures . being crazy is really FUN plus the freedom we had now , i'm really out of my mind just now .

gotta see this . limited edition

so, today i had become a HOT HOT SOT celebrity ! hihi~ at first, evryone re starving like HELL mann since the canteen is not opened ?! and, we're only allowed to start our party after recess ??!!! what the f*ck ?!! and finally, my dad came with d food , and evryone was attacking the food like thy never ever eat mann . okay , i'm gotta complain this to the school authority . yes , i won't . hihi~ then evryone consume the food SAFELY as thre's NO MELAMINE contained . okey, dijamin HALAL . few minutes later . . .

plates n cups with SALIVA .. eww .

where's my curry ?!! thy gonna pay for this !

HELL . they just know how to eat but not to wash . yeah , they left EVERYTHING to us . fortunately, i got few understanding friends which help me at the end . LUCKILY . due to the duty we had , i mean as a DISHWASHER , we missed the announcements . til now i din know what the hell does it says . well nvm , at least , i enjoyed my career as part-time dishwasher now . yeah right . still , i hate those who din help me AT ALL . taw2 laa sndri ...

my pinky winky baju kurung was wet and i had to attend another meeting after dishwashening . terrible life huh ? so, that's how i live for today . yea2, my mom and dad had gone to KK while i was alone at house with my cuzie and sista . and yeashh !! i'm gonna be FREE for one and a half day without hearing BABBLE all around my ears !! thank God .

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