Sunday, October 19, 2008

specially dedicated to someone

sort of upset ...

i felt like i wanna cry this time . first of all, i didn't go anywhere today . juz hanging out with my mom n dad , n my PC at home .

story of the day ---
one of my friends . she was upset due to some reasons . she was really sad bout the things happened around her . i'm trying my best to help her too . just hoping she'll be fine . she's having insomnia bcuz of her probs .

just for u, my friend ...
well, worrying bout someone really makes u uncomfortable, but do take care of urself . don't be too upset . be realistic and face the probs with courage . i bet u can go through all these . trust me, she'll be fine as i can c her determination deep in it . she's trying her best . supports and care do help . all we can do now is pray for her and mostly take care of urself . sure ur BF din want to c u're sick too right ? trust me, he really needs u now . take care of urself cuz all he wanted is ur supports and care . don't worry, i'll always pray for her n u too . do take care of urself ! hope u're seeing this .

best of wishes .
like u always say
u have me by ur side dear ...

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