Friday, October 3, 2008

big big open house ! haizz .

cute cake . isn't it ?

what a tiring day !
terorists are attacking my house !

gosh . i'm extremely exhausted today ! but at least , i enjoyed my whole day of being a SLAVE . ahax . juz kidding LOL . well, my old friend, from my former school, she came to my house . n now she's studying in another school . she's awesome mannn ! i mean, she's sporting and both of us re talking craps mann . she was like OMG it's been a long tym we didn't meet each other n we really had a great time together ! reallyyy . physically, she's pretty n cute ! n mentally, i think she's mentally disorder . juz kidding LOL . she's as crazy as me mannn . she didn't change at all . no and never . i really hope she'll be d same her forever but of course be matured as she grows older . yeah . we're friends since we're in primary school . we used to sit together last time n we enjoyed evry moment we're together . we eat, laugh, and sleep together . ahax . only at school [ will never do more than dat ]. don't we look like a PIG ? .yes we are . she loves PIG . hihi ^,^ . but NOT me . never .

wukey, stop praising her . despite of her "goodness" , she's d worst girl ever ! hihi ^,^

she's d craziest girl ever ! she's talkative . n, she's an UNLOYAL girl . don't ever trust her ! hihi . n d most important thing is --- she got lots of boyfriends . i mean XBFs . 7 i think . within 2 years ? u've got to b kidding but YES she did ! her BF who last longest is one and a half year while d shortest period of attaching together is less than 24 hours . i guess . she's out of her mind, but yeah, she's pretty n it's normal if she can get BF juz like dat ! n now, she's madly in love with one of my classmate . hahax . yeah2, her currently BF --- st**** c**n . hihi . guess it's not a secret nymore .

talking bout her dis much, did i mention her name yet ? wukey, her name --- OLIVIA . nice name huh ? but really, she's a BAD girl . hihi . nvm . she's not going to kick my ass nywy . unless she found my blog =P

yeah2, my open house today ? gosh, i had a great time with my bro's friends n my cuzies . my friends ? they dumped me ! no laaa . i didn't invite them at all, except some of them . actually, i'm doing it purposely cuz for my friends, i will hve another PARTY for them after PMR . nice, isn't it ? right after the PMR is over . 17th of October i think . hope thy'll understand .

overall, i enjoyed my whole day of being part-time waitress . it was fun ! yeah2, me n rebecca re talking shits too . with olivia n faz . they're crazy . miss them sooo much ! i really wanna say sorry to faz, cuz i didn't entertain her much today . u know ... after meeting old friend , there's a lot to say ! sorry faz . i have to . this is the only time we meet each other . n thx too cuz faz n bec re trying their best to fit into our conversation . thx darlas . muaackkkxxx .

what a great day !
hope for a better tomorrow .
nyt2 n sweet dreams .

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