Saturday, December 5, 2009

i'm mourning.

every single life will come to the end, it's just the matter of time

my grandma had just passed away. i'm recovering. too many things happened, and i know my friends are questioning. about my relationship status, i'm single and thats the end. i'm just not ready for any more commitment. please understand. and after this, i might not be the same anymore. life's been soo hard. i'm truly dissapointed of myself. and, if you're questioning why did i do 'this' to him, i have my own reason. i'm really down. please, i'm not ready and i really need some time.

i'm mourning and recovering.

moans and groans are thrown, mourn wont be forever. neither fame nor fortune, only prayers would be grown.


FERA [ferrero rocher] said...

sorry to hear this.
may Allah bless the Late.
be strong, chic !


zaza said...

apapun jadi, kita kena tabah.. kena kuat.. jatuh pun kena bangun balik.. takziah diucapkan dari izza dan kawan-kawan lain...