Friday, November 20, 2009


i am now figuring out what to do next. it seems soooo restless out here. just managed to unpack my things, sort out my thousand kinds of reference books until i realized that i've been living like hell for these two months without HANDPHONE.

yes, i'm still alive. but till then i realize,
my damn precious SIMCARD went missing!
and now, i think i'm no longer alive.

i have no idea what to do now. i thought he would call me as soon as he came home, but that damnn fool simcard...arghhhhh...

school went sooo wrong, i'm feeling down. fortunately my physics turned an A1, at least it relieves me. but all i can say, add math was challenging this time. oh please, JUST KILL ME.

unfortunately, exam was not the only absurdity. my bunch of holiday plans cracked my mind out of my head. too many plans at a time, definitely another absurdity. and, i have to master 9 murdering subjects from A-Z. drown me or soak me in some sophisticated washing machine. anyone? huh, now this one absurd.

btw, i'm looking for some functional simple phone, and it must be NOKIA. any suggestion? ohh, but this abundantly absurd. no budget. no worries, hoping list, or maybe i should say, ABSURD HOPING LIST? stupid.

btw, latest me. worse or worst?

istiq, me and amirah.

and, am i allowed to point out another absurdity?
damn sh*t, absurdities abused me!

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