Monday, June 1, 2009

welcome me back, dead blog -___-

yeah, it's midnight post. it's hols and everybody knew about that.
including me, YAY! i'm sooooo HAPPY. -____-

seriously, i'm not happy. nothing's interesting this hols.
except for the presence of my bro, KL vacation, cousins' visiting, cousin's weddings etc.

too many things to be done in a short time. i didn't expect my hols will be this packed. i mean, can't i have some relaxing holiday, sleep like until the breakfast time is over and enjoy my lunch directly after awaken, feeding cats all day long with some expired milk and cat food, drink some refreshing lemonade and eat some fattening snacks while watching some movies?

come'on, i miss those old times! i don't wanna spend my entire holidays with some shopping stuffs! seriously, i'm not in a shopping mood right now! i've turned myself into some jakunist girl who would only wear japanese flip flops instead of high heels and sneakers. i hate shopping. just hate shopping 'cause i hate seeing my money flowing out of nowhere. gosh, am i that terrible?

well, actually, i still love shopping. who would dare not to shop when sales are everywhere? plus if the whole budget was ur mom's? hell no, i love shopping man!! hihi. off record. :D

move'on, i am now proud to announce that my hell scary, freaky, tough, hard, difficult, damn killing examination is officially OVER. muahahahahahaha!! i'll have my very best holiday ever after this! i mean, i am! ahhahahah! overall, i'm quite satisfied with my result. well, not really good actually, it's just that i've done my best and my effort worth enough :)

that's all for today. a lil update people.
not in the mood of typing right now.
and before that, enjoy some awesome pics :)

welcome to my room, SK 12 :D

this is what we call, rules and schedules that will never be obeyed.

my dream bed. lol.

i love this shot.

memang kurang kasih sayang neyh xD

hihi. "mao jadi apa kamoo?"

home sweet home, i miss my dorm :(

and before continuing my sweetdreams,
thanks for the award miss eiya! :D

am i?

p/s: leave your sincerest answer at the chatbox. i need it. xD

have a pleasant holiday people!
goodnight and sweet dreams :D


dyan said...

makin cute baaa.
mcm tembam jak nie.

Nabila Azureen said...

hihi..tul kaa?
org blang,
chubby itu cute..
hihi.. *kembang kembang* ;p