Friday, May 1, 2009

too many things to blog about.

yeah, as the title goes, i've so many things to blog about. toooooo many things. let's just start with some current issue then. the dog next door went berserk again this morning and it wakes me up. bathroom then called me to clean my ass. my mom starts nagging since i woke up at 11.50am. i ignored it and enjoy my breakfast in the middle of the afternoon. it tastes good and thank God i'm not eating in a jail's tray. as my hunger disappeared, my despair came in a sudden. i was so heartbroken as i found out the toys that i've been collecting since i was three defiled. till then, i gave up and start blogging.

and soon i became more frustrated when i found out my blog is barely alive and struggled breathing since the owner had been neglecting it for about one and a half month. but then i realised that i should be grateful for knowing that my blog isn't dead, yet.

move on about school,
nerds in my school had recently found out a better way to release their tension instead of addicting into drugs. most of them had officially become rubic cube addicts. they found it interesting till some had achieved their greatest record solving the rubic cube within seconds while some have gained brain-damaged ever since rubic cube squeezed their head out of nowhere and apparently, i'm one of them. fyi, i'm TRYING to be addicted with that stuff but i just can't.

my college too are now searching for a new Badan Wakil Pelajar. Badan Wakil Pelajar is a bunch of people who are incharged to do 'charity' for the whole school, you know, sort of like politics representives aka wakil rakyat. in order to be one of them, we've to join the audition first. then the whole school will vote for those chosen.

and guess what, i've joined the audition. O.o
it was hell scary. a few friends of mine joined it too and we're now in probation. waiting for the results. the other participants are damn good man! not sure if i'm chosen or not. :S

and'and people, my standardize test 2 had just over. SCREW IT. i don't think i can score this time. but anyway, felt a bit happy 'cause once and for all, i get the highest for my chemistry, 88%. my math sucks a bit, 88%. whatever.

flew off to Kuala Lipis last two weeks for dramafest.
i'll post further info on dramafest tomorrow.
haven't get the pictues from FERA yet.

uh-huh, i finally have a CRUSH on someone. his name starts with 'Z'. grr, he's really really cute. well, not really actually. just cute. i like him for no reason. my friends kept asking me why but till then, i'm speechless. perhaps a mole on his face attracted me? hehe. but, he already had someone. so, let's just say, we're not meant to be. haha. but still, i DO like him :))

gtg now. will post more later. hanging out with cousins.

and btw,

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Anonymous said...

sy rsa sy tau bah ni siapa...c zulhairy bah kan???? hihihihi...nanti sy bagi taw diaa....