Wednesday, June 24, 2009

in class :p

am now having sains komputer class...not that boring..we're having photoshop tutorial right now...which are quite boring honestly..hehe..who cares..

ok, i've one's so puzzling...
it's about these two friends of mine..and they're my boyfriend..
i mean, friends who are MALE in gender...
it's more to a friendship thing...

what will you do when one of them wants to be more than friend?

to be honest, i love everything to be in this way..everything's just flowing flowly..
everything's just fine, until the day he said that..
then, everything's's really awkward to be more than friend to your bestfriend..

gtg now..teacher's checking evrywhere.. see yaa..
and please reply me..give some opinion please..
desperately need it :(

btw sheena, i saw your hubby post, it's sooooo romantic.. :D


edora93 said...

aq rasa aq tau sapa tu..apa perkembangan???aq mau tau!!huhuuh..nnti klau ada masa..kol la aq ar..kactau apa keputusan ko..pokoknya aq respect ngan kputusan ko..hehehe..ARRGHH..nabila!!aq RINDU ko gak!!!!!!!!aq dh bt blog..tap blum 2lis apa2..huahuauha..congratz ngan ko punya result!!uisehmen..smartnya!x satu ari pun aq d skolah aq x pikirkn ko ar!!!miss u soooo much

Sheena A. said...

hmm sayang, the best is not to choose any of them. remember, ur there to get an education. not something else :)
but if u do want to choose, make sure that no one gets hurt especially u. and be happy! :)