Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i wanna go home :(

after being away for 5 days, i've made my decision. i've heard so many things about me when i'm not in tawau. people has been talking about it lately and i felt really uncomfortable with it. i'm so not in the mood right now. it seems like i don't wanna come back here again. i wanna get away from this hell school, technically, from those HELL PEOPLE. YES i do.

i'm having a really2 bad mood right now. terribly need someone who understands me. but it seems like i have no one right now. my soul ain't here, my heart ain't here, everything's just not right. i just wish i can go back to Batu Pahat and spend my whole life there. yeah, btw, i've just came back from Batu pahat for Math Carnival.

we've reached the final stage for our computer project, but unfortunately we won nothing. but out of 44 MRSM, we're the top 10, it's quite a great achievement what :) but nywy, congrats to farhana nabilah from MRSM batu pahat, my new friend, they got the first prize for computer project + diivan for getting the best debater among every MRSM in Malaysia. if you get to know him, he's really nice and a mad one.

indeed, it was great to get new friends, new environment and most of all NEW CLOTHES. trust me or not, i've bought 7 tees and i spent quite a number on tees ONLY. they're designed one, just for mrsm students only. they're awesomely cool ! :D but despite of my happiness there, i'm NOT HAPPY here.

no one will ever understand me. it's too complicated to be written here but i'm sure i'm relieved after quite a time leaving this hell school and now, i'm back again, meeting the same persons, who always talk behind my back and it's annoying.

current mood : indescribable.

p/s : about my last post, ignore it. it was more complicated than what i've written :(


edora93 said...

NABILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ini jak aq mau kactau ko..tyme ko kuar dr sn tu..stiap details aq mau tau!!!klau ko sedih d sn..ko pikir aq d cni yg x tau apa2!!!!!!NABILA!!!!
apa2pun ko ttp akan ada aq:))
best friends 4eva!!!klau ko tel aq jam 3 pagi ttp gak akan ku angkat..huhuhu..pas tu aq kata slh no la..hahahahaha.main2 sak
hrp2 ko baca komen ku ni:)

Anonymous said...

maybe aku tia tahu menahu masalah kau, tapi aku rasa aku pernah merasa apa yang kau's ok girl, chill! jan sedeyh², begitulah hidup di tmpt orang. bawa bersabar oke :) tahun ne sikit lagi mau abes, tiggal satu tahun sak laek. :) keep holding. :D miss u girl. oh ya! elevenTG menang tahun ne. :) mau sangat raikan bersama2 ngan kau :) miss u girl :D