Thursday, December 23, 2010

i'm sorry 'cause seriously this entry has no title -.-

holidays just kicked in, well, it's obvious for an SPM candidate like me. it's been mild so far, obviously i have no plans to go anywhere, well for the time being, except being stuck here, in sandakan.

last past few weeks (last month to be exact) had been rough for me i must say. spm and all, you just don't know how it feels if you've not experienced any of it. once i've done with the last paper; Bio paper 3 (on the 8th Disember), i felt so tired yet happy, didn't expect that tense smile could possibly etch on my face but still worrying of the upcoming results. i've learned a lot though; faith, patience, discipline, respect, and definitely relationship with the others, especially with friends, teachers, family and most of all Allah. they had been sticking with me, in good times; bad times. hah, thanks :)

the word in 'love' above is pronounced as 'AI', means, love :)

don't look at these, you'll be laughing at me -.-

but if interested, kindly click to enlarge

hah! it's been a while since i last had my manual blog - diary. now i have it again, so altogether, they're four. haha, good times. it's nice to see what i've written few years back. some were even 4-5 years ago and i'm still in awe. it tickles me deep inside to see how different i've become. the way i write, the way i speak to people and the way i even think, last but not least, the WRITINGS. (turning out to be worse these days). it's amazing really, even though only i have the ability to see the changes. i can see myself grow up. i really do. being matured is another part of the whole thing. in just two years, my maturity have been tested. trying to cope up with others' level of maturity is real HARD! you'll fall, fall into the unseen trap of childishness. trust me.

just when I'm recovering, something always happens to drag me down again. see? but, God won't test us with things we can't handle right? i'll be fine. of course :)

btw, i'm reading again. i have to admit to being a little confused – from the world of vampires in the Twilight Saga we now move to alien life forms invading earth...perhaps Stephenie had gone sci-fi, LOL.

whatever happened to her, she's an incredibly awesome author that i would definitely recommend any of her novels, and you will be hundred percent SATISFIED :) she posseses the ability to pull the reader into the story and allow them to feel like they are actually there with the characters, experiencing what they experience and feeling what they feel. she even paints a vivid picture of the characters and their lives in the mind of every reader who is fortunate enough to be touched by the worlds that she creates. it's like being in 3-d theater but better, its actually more like being in a 6-D theater, touching all of the human senses and emotion at once.

well yeah, this novel does stand up to the standards set by her preceding works. but despite of the creative story line and captivating emotions shown in The Host, i could not stop myself from finding many links between this novel and the Twilight series in regards to the characters, their emotions and their interconnected relationships, everything. Jared, from (The Host) could be very similar to Jacob (Twilight). both have a tendency to let their emotions get the best of them, both are somewhat selfish creatures in regards to the one that they love, and most of all they're extremely stubborn. Ian (The host) and Edward (Twilight) are the same way, comparatively, overly protective and somewhat irrational when it comes to the people that they love, both have the ability to love unconditionally despite the fact that both men love someone of a different species, and both men's brothers try to kill their partners and the greatest character similarity, however, exists between Wanderer/Melanie (The Host) and Bella (Twilight).

read this and you'll find stephanie is the best of all.

besides reading, i need a constant supply of games, just like my sugar supply, i need sufficient supply of ice cream, cakes, cupcakes, red M&Ms, dark/bitter chocolate. but i prefer it in a manual way, 'cause you'll be able to cheat (referring the answer sheets? ;p). haha, no one knows! if they did, why bother? ;p

yes, exactly, SUDOKU is the best of all! :D

papers, mags, templates etc, you'll find the same thing published just at the corner of the sudoku's grid ; sudoku puzzles are based on logic, you do not need to guess where numbers fit to solve the puzzles. fill in each grid so that every row, every column and every 3 times 3 box contains the number one to nine -.-

unlike the vampires, i won't show up at nights. foes, friends and family might be thinking i've had my beautiful dreams in bed, apparently, i slept even later than the owls did. lol. movies marathon, i prefer doing it all by myself. besides, marathon always goes for charity, right? yeah, i'm staying up late just to protect the whole neighbourhood from burglars...that is a charity. ;p

for the record, i had finished 3 korean drama series since the day i'm done with spm; Autumn in My Heart, Boys Over Flower and Master Of Study. looking forward to Kim Hyun Joong's drama series, Playful Kiss? hah, haven't decide to watch it online or just buy the disc. and HBO, MAX and STARMOVIES always have sufficient supply of movies for me, thanks. watched Pearl Habor like for three times. (i'm so in love with danny. hee ;p) and since my sister had a huge crush on daniel radcliffe plus the star movies channel is currently having their movies festive due to the coming christmas, i had to watch harry potter for like hundred times in every series; 'platform nine and three quarter? there's no such thing, is there?' or maybe 'wicked! you're harry potter! so, it's true then, harry potter had come to Hogwarts' (you need to pronounce these in bloody English, then you'll get the mood -.-)

speaking of BLOODY ENGLISH, i remembered 'Wild Child' movie. i've got to watch it all over again, well, it reminds me of boarding school's life :)

by the way, my sister (who's going to be the next top model spm candidate next year) introduced me their brand new form five novel - The Curse.

i wonder; will it be as good as The Pearl, the former novel. once i saw it, i think i liked it right away. i'm not really sure why but i think because of it’s size, number of pages and the COVER. hehe ;p

for the ignorant i am, i never heard of Lee Su Ann before. let alone about the novel being the second prizewinner in the English Novel Category of the Utusan Group’s Young Adult Literature Competition of 2005. but with such tag, i couldn’t help myself from putting high hopes as how good the story would be and though it didn’t exceed my expectation; at least it had met it. exactly, the story was good enough to make me glued to it; turning from page to page without wanting to stop.

bear in mind that this is just my personal point of view of the book; after i‘ve read it. The Curse in summary (trying not to spoil anything -.-) has the elements that i’d love to have in a novel as a whole: thrill and suspense, a bit of horror, a little of romance and a pinch of family drama. besides, it was a compensation for all that comes in the believable portrayal of the rural Malay village and its inhabitants. i think it is very much why i liked it as much as i did.

it was about jealousy, revenge, mulut tempayan and of course, forgiveness. i’m pretty sure that the story would be interesting enough for the juniors, including my sister; that is if they have the will to go through the moderately difficult language, and then they'll have to at least take a glimpse at the former novel, The Pearl (which requires a higher level of proficiency). but i found this novel interesting somehow as the plot a bit messy and difficult with flashbacks all over the story (some from different characters’ point of views). my advice, read this but don't forget to read The Pearl as well :)

besides indoor activities, i did involve into outdoor activities, like tossing the trash into the dustbin OUTSIDE my house, clean up the house compound and BBQ! reminiscing every stupid acts we did during the BBQ (didn't quite remember when) at Yatch Club, to all of a sudden; missing them, my st patricks's folks. they ARE crazy :D

our farewell group photo right after BBQ

well, guess it's way too long for now. till then everyone and good morning! i woke up early just to make this long entry. hihi, and btw, about my trip to Beluran yesterday, it was cool, somehow. it's my first time going there. get to know and to actually see a new place was exactly what i had in mind since holidays began. looking forward to meeting new places and friends. but i think i have to figure out how to get a sufficient budget first -.-

salam :D


-Jerry- said...

WOW!!! just... WOW!!!! its been ages that these words of yours tryin' to get out of those fingers. and they finally do! I read the whole thing! Coz its really cool! Good job

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

they FINALLY do? haha, it's really been a while since i last wrote this long. in all of a sudden (or is it because of boredom? ;p), ideas are showering like it's not going to stop. -.-

thanks for reading actually. i thought no one's going to read it due to its length. haha, keep on following big bro. i'll follow yours too. thanky-wanky :D