Thursday, December 16, 2010

will you marry yourself?

it's exactly one week that i'm home. ignore the title, i'm home! tadaa! :)

okay, why am i into this topic so much - well, it's the hottest topic in maktab, i remember when my friends had been talking or joking about it like we're immune much about it, like 'eh, nanti kao kawin jgn lupa buat event di FB arh!', 'eleh, nanti reunion kahwin empat suda si XXX tu..kehkehkeh', 'ui, boleh sudah kita kawin ne! dialog selepas spm" etc ;p

even in usrah, i still remember, surau gets so noisy, everyone was like, excited much? until we barely realized that the speaker, ustaz or ustazah said 'segala yang baik itu datang daripada Allah dan yang buruk itu daripada anna, maka kita akhiri majlis dengan tasbih kaffarah dan surah al-'asr' ;)

ini tasbih kaffarah yaa sahabat :)

ini pula surah al-'asr yaa sahabat ^.^

so, just moments ago, i watched a kuliah online on the stated topic, by ustaz erfino. i realised my view on marriage needs change. when citations from the Quran is used, i trembled, because they're words from Allah. Astaghfirullah. i know my mindset on marriage need to be changed.

he's a recording of the kuliah online. it's in Malay though, and it's about 2 hours long, but worth the time :)

why not spare some (of your fb-ing & blogging) time to listen to this? hope you find it helpful, as much as I did.

p/s; i took this from a friend of mine. this helped me a lot. thanks :)


Farhan Baku said...

haha, small world. guess what, the ustaz and the guy behind him are really close friends of mine here in London! I go to their place very often just to hang out and for usrah sessions. the ustaz is also an avid supporter of our nasyid team here but sadly he's going back this 31st of December after 4 years being here. I heard this kuliah live on the day it was broadcasted, and like you said well worth the 2 hours,haha :D

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

oww really? going back to m'sia like, forever? send my regard n gratitude to him, please? his kuliahs are really good. just recently discovered his blog, and he has a wonderful family. keep up, ustaz! :)