Sunday, November 14, 2010

paramecium or amoeba?

sometimes my life makes me wish i am an amoeba. it has been hectic since last week. hectic but awesome. *grin*

i had these days of thinking why am i not getting important things done? a few days left for spm and it seems so hard for me to focus on one particular thing and finished it up before proceeding to the others.

urgh, i guess i'm pathetic at prioritizing and can't help but procrastinate. hocus-pocus-focus YIN! okayyyyy, i'm going to start all over again and there's no way to look back.

yin, this november will be just in a blink of an eye, end up this chapter and everything will be over. and high school? never ;)

if i'm in a movie and you are watching me now, press the slow mo button, purrrleasse? i really don't want to end this chapter, especially the moment we played, we sang, we laughed. why does it have to end this way? i wish i could turn back time and start over this high school life, over and over and over again and be forever YOUNG. teeheee, kidding ;p

well, insyaALLAH, i'll do my best for this coming spm. my japan interview will be after spm and for the recent SPC interview, just pray for me people. insyaALLAH.

so here we go, every picture really holds a wonderful story :)

my homeroom, ametis :)

classmates lunch. teehee :)

delicioso! bon appetit! :DD

p/s; thanks for the comment Baku, felt much relieved now. really, i should've taken advices from someone experienced like you at the first place. hihi :)


benazirjb said...

good luck for spm! i know you can score it!

Farhan Baku said...

haha, kata orang senior...adalah sikit extra makan garam over the years. just happy to help out a friend, oh and good luck for your SPM! InsyaAllah, you'll do very well :D

Nabila Azureen Azis said...

thanks seniors :D