Thursday, February 5, 2009

birthday :)


my voice sucks too. nvm, as long as you understand wth i'm singing about. hoho.

this is just for you my dear wawa, and me as well. teehee :)

well, actually, i'm extremely happy today cause my friends and i had our very own school photography disaster, in the other word, camwhoring session. i'll upload those pics, but not today, just not today.

i've no idea how to write about today cause too many things happened in all of a sudden, including the sport stuff, those muddy disgusting field, those flirty slutty bitches, the worst rainy day ever, those cute acts from exboyfriend, those camwhoring prostitudes etc.
*wont elaborate more on this part. xD

so, back to the main topic, birthday. fyi, i shared birthdate with 4 persons whom i knew in school or through net. namely wong pui yee, tay, hazman and WAWA :D

but today, i'm going to talk about my best online buddy ever, whom i haven't meet yet. wawa.

she's really cute!

she shares the same birthdate with me. yeah, she's my lost and found twins. LOL. she's totally crazy, talkative, sporting, great pc user and really pro in html thingy and codes. i knew her from friendster and when i realized she had the same birthday with me, we're then become closer to each other and now we're considered as best online buddy, kan wawa? hihi :)

i know she's different. just different from the others. she's like really kind, really fun to talk to, and she even introduced me this blogger. that's the reason why i own this blog.

so, thank you, wawa. for everything, for this friendship, for html codes you've shared with me, for those hard time we've been through before pmr, for those craps we've shared, just for everything. i love you wawa :D

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Farhan Baku said...

was that your singing Yin? it's really good to be honest~! a lot lot better than mine actually (okay, now I feel super inferior haha). getting this from someone you've never even met will surely mean the world to her. she's one lucky pal to have you around! :D