Tuesday, February 3, 2009

my colourful post :)

OMG, i'm so touched. my classmates made a farewell for me and for those who're leaving. guess what, they made a card for every of us and i cried. :((

i've been studying with them for three years, shared our tears and laughter and today was the last day studying in the class cause after tomorrow, we'll have our annual sports days. shit sukantara tomorrow. urgh, sooner or later, i'll become some dark-charcoal creature. that's why i hate sukan but i love my brass band and my rumah sukan, BALUNG. anyways, i'll try my best for Balung tomorrow! :D

fyi, it's my birthday tomorrow!
hoho, i'm hap-hap-happy!! :D

happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to NABILA and WAWA,
and we're turning sixteen! :D

after making some observation in the mirror today, the experiment shows that my wrinkles are gradually increased due to the metabolism and genetics effect. so, the hypothesis is accepted. i'm aging. O.o

BOOHOO! i'm getting older!

ignore those craps. highlight of the day,
i'm turning 16 tomorrow ! :D

p.s : i'll upload my farewell pics after sports day. lazy to do it now, plus this shitty internet line, i give up.

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