Sunday, February 8, 2009


brass band had a farewell dinner for me today which made me totally touched. we had it in Rasa Sayang, one of the best restaurants in Tawau and the food are really nice.

we had a lot of fun. not really. not as we used to be.
we just don't know how to enjoy ourselves just now.
sad? happy? not at all. heavy-hearted to be exact.

it's been years i've joined brass band and it's really impossible to just forget everything in minutes. i'll miss the retarded president, the totally crazy vice president, ME and all the brass band's members.

i still remember those hard times i've been through in Brass Band. each and every drop of tears and laughters. we shared almost everything, those yellow jokes, those critics on one pondan we've met , those retarded acts from each and everyone of us etc. i'll remember those simple things, even the littlest single thing, i'll bear in my mind.

as for me, myself, i had an arguement before with my ex-bestfriend. we used to be a pair of real bestfriends that no one could ever seperate us. we're that close till we didn't even dare to hurt each other. we used to share the same passion, the same interests, the same car to school aka 'carpooling' and even the same co-curricular unit, Brass Band.

let's call her J. J and i are friends till now but not as close as we used to be. some arguement break our relationship. it's no one's fault actually. it's just that both of us are ego, didn't wanna compromise, didn't wanna negotiate at all. it then became worse till we didn't talk to each other for several months. we didn't even text, didn't even talk, didn't even look at each other. we ignored each other till one day, both of us realized that we're both fool. we lost our friendship just because of misunderstanding. but, it was too late. even the most sincere apology couldn't heal our pain. yes, we become friends again but not as close as we used to be. everything just changed and yeah, i lost my friend.


i promise i won't repeat the same mistake. i'll appreciate everything i have, friendship, relationship, family and most of all ALLAH, who always help me in every thing i do.

look at the cute lil teddy!

our very own Brass Band keychain :)


so, these are my presents for my farewell. huh, having some hard time typing here. won't elaborate more. i had another farewell with my malay friends tomorrow. until my next farewell post, ily :)

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khris said...

nabila, i totally agree with you on the friendship thing. i also had that problem with a friend. she was my best friend and then suddenly something went wrong. i don't know. she doesnt hang out with me anymore and she doenst even text me. and then we just started to ignore each other. we parted ways because i came here in cali and she went to italy. she added me on my yahoo and we chat every now and then but we're not the best of friends anymore. its really sad. anyway, im sorry if my comment is too long. i was carried away lol. hmm... about your farewell party, where are you going? is it the boarding school?