Sunday, September 14, 2008

a really bad day !


wukey . i juz finish my breakfast actually aka sahur . specifically, i finished it at 4.01am . ok, i'm fasting now . it's been a long time i didn't open this blog . i'm really sorry for my bad behaviour . i guess . huhu . actually , i hve nothing much to say . just wanna update it . juz wanna fulfill my friend's request

another 2 weeks to HARI RAYA !
OMG ! there're just a few more days to PMR . now, i had to brush up with my study . having a really bad day . study , eat and sleep . what can i do ? it's a faith for me . just wish i can get rid of all these things ASAP . i'm exhausted . tired of all these things . God ... help me . i really wish to be a NORMAL person . just like anyone else . i wanna be free ! but, whatever it is, i know . one day, i'll get out of this situation . i will . but after PMR of course after 17th of October .

wukey . dat's bout me recently . my relationship doesn't really work so well these days . i don't know why . it seems like i wanna break with him . i think it's my fault . btw, he's having SPM and i don wanna ruin his whole life . well, just wish him luck . n wish my relationship will last longer . honestly, i haven't find my true lurve yet cehhhhwahhh ... but , he's d best among d others . just wish he could . being far away form him really make me sick . really . just wish he didn't do humilating things out there ---- cheating me ! i'll kick his ASS !

wukey . i nearly fail my relationship . whatever . we'll last longer if i can stand it . but if not, just break sajak larh .

just wish he didn't see this .

wukey . bout my trial exam . SUCKS ! i hate my BM . i read so much but still cannot get high marks ! that teacher is really ... i don wanna say dat . bulan puasa bha ney ... she's too ... i don't know . maybe i'm a malay so she didn't give me high marks . whatever it is . i din mad anymore . besides, the one who corrects my paper in PMR is not her . so, why should i care ? whatever . maybe she doesn't want me to be the top again . she doesn't want me to be in the top 5 again . so, it's up to her . dya yg dpt dosa sak kan ... lantak larh ! but overall , i still din satisfy with my whole exam ! the subjects that i put a lot of effort are real SUCKS . but for the subjects i didn't care much, score perfectly . it really doesn't make sense . am i dreaming now ? my exam was really sucks . perhaps, i can't maintain my position in class anymore . but whatever . as long as i do well in PMR . hope so .

dat's the end of my story . i really2 have a bad day . please ... i'm sick of it . everything is just going upside down . i hate this to be happen . but, i'm still fortunate to have a wonderful family . thx mom n dad . lurve u all .

gtg . have to crack my mind . AGAIN . having tuition continuously for 4 hours today ! whatever . dat's how my life turns . okay, i speak a lot today . bazir air liur sajak waste of saliva .

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