Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sweet couple !

u have to read this !

gosh . i've done a real big DEED today ! ahax ! 1st of all, wanna tell y'all, i'm hving sore throat now n i feel really UNCOMFORTABLE . wukey, back to d story, i'm really happy cuz i'hve just dne a good deed . evrything starts dis way --- my besty ... i guess u knew it ... she's hving a real complicated situation just now . her bf, aka my fren had a quarrel wit her . actually, it's not a quarrel juz misunderstanding . thy're jelousing on each other . n me ? i'm d HERO ! ahax .

at first, thy don't know wat's their real prob . after analysing d whole story, i started my mission . ahax . first, my besty called me . she told me evrything . then, i know d prob but still ... in a blur situation . then, i sms her bf ... he thought i din know anything but apparently i did ! n he confessed evrything to me . gosh . i love knowing secrets . ahax !

at dat particular moment, i'm juz wanna help them . thy love each other but thy juz can't understand each other . complicated ryt ? so, i'm trying to fit into d situation . so, i'm d judge . i'm not siding anyone in dis case . juz wanna advise them . as a friend .

upon all my words ... i mean my advising words .. i love dis d most

u hve to understand, loving ppl is not only love her fully but also trust into d situation, ask her, n confess evrything all by ur self ...

goshh . i love my words . jiwang beb !

a couple of minutes later, d guy admit evrything to her . at last , thy live happily ever after . so sweet .

honestly, thy're real swit couple n shouldn't break up . she's my besty n i don't want her to be sad . thy're juz too swit that i couldn't let them b far apart from each other . whatever it is...thy're getting back together . hope thy'll b forever dis way . love them !

maybe u'll say i'm bzbody n YES i do ! i love my frens n i'll lend them my hand whenever they need my help .

a friend's in need is a friend indeed .
that's d moral value of today . ahax .

apa sal aq jiwang semacam hari ney ???
muahahaha . OVERDOS mungkin . or mgkn aq rindu dya
whatever larh . hihi .

nyt2 n switdrims .
may u n ur bf will b forever in love .

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