Monday, September 15, 2008

freedom at last !

p/s : i lurve dis pic .

yahoooooooo ! freedom at last !

actually , it's just one day of holiday . but it's gud enough for me . at least, i can njoy tonite --- blogging . chat wit my frens . forget about homework mostly . hahax . but it seems lyk i'm missing somthing . oww yeah ! rplying evryone's testi in fs . honestly, i'm bored with dat stupid fs . now then i realized y am i so stupid n cupid when d first tym i played dat idiot fs ? i'm so obsessed to dat thingy till i forget to hve my meal . now , as a result , i can't gain some weight ! nooooooo ! i wanna b fatter a bit . maybe u'll think i'm out of my mind cz wanna b fat ... but d point is i'm too skinny now ! am i ?

wukey . whatever . n tday, i looked into d mirror ... n i realised something juz ain't right with me. somthing is juz NOT RIGHT . goshh ... my 1cm length n 1cm width aka 1cm square pimple had GONE yay ! gosh . i hate it cz it's a CREATURE living on my face without my permission aka trespasser! bsides, it's a parasitism ! it's irritating . but sometyms i do miss my pimples . but, pimple is just not in my wish list . no way !

yeah2 . 4got to tel ya . i have a totally 100 percent insane NEW FREN , juz lyk me . hahax . i juz knew her . i lyk her attitude . i mean her madness . hahax . myaa, don't b mad cz i'm saying bout u hahax . wanna c how SOWT she is ? just click on my LOVE list . p/s : i'm not lesbi .

plus, she oredi had BF .

talking bout bf, thank god i finally get back together with him . i mean get back lyk normal . it's all my fault n his friend's fault . well, don wanna say more than dat . only my besties knew it . biarlah rahsia .. e'eleh, actually it's not a big matter ... juz d matter of jealousy .

happy too to say dat our group got no. 2 in choir competition . gosh, we sang so bad lyk katak n still can get d 1st runner up ??!! hahax . d werld is goin nuts .

i guess i'm talking too much for today . i guess it's bcuz of tommorrow's holiday . hahax . once again, happy holiday !!!!!!

my plan tomorrow --- wanna sleep til NOON after hving my sahur n prayer !!!
p/s : i DESPERATELY need rest .

so, gtg . my mom is calling me to bed . again, happy holiday !!!!!!!!!!
in conjunction of Malaysia's Independence Day, specifically d formation of Malaysia, n deeply d combination of Sabah , Sarawak n Malaya, we'll hve a GREAT HOLIDAY TOMMORROW !!!!!!!

muahahhaha .
nyt2 n swidrims .

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