Thursday, June 10, 2010

a picture is worth a thousand words

confession-of-the-day: my blog is undeniably lack of pictures.

i hate it when it comes to picture. it gives me no image. really! look, how can one survive without camera for the whole of her life?! ME! how can one actually learn to take pictures without having her own camera?! ME! and how can one really enjoy her life without having camera?! yes, it's me -.-

i'm sick of people asking me; 'hey, why dont you add some pictures on your posts. it will be great!', 'heyy, i love your posts but can you put some image on it 'cause i cant imagine what are you saying', 'heyy, your FB's profile pic's cool, but dont you have a new one?' and so forth. excuse me? i dont really give a damn on it 'cause you know what, my-camera-that-worth-****-went-missing-and-its-awful-enough-to-know-that-it-was-actually-got-stolen-by-some-shitty-humiliating-human-that-worths-no-penny. so fine, i'm pathetically hating cameras. *but didnt i suppose to hate that thief more than cameras?* yeah, somehow, i hate you too, lil-brat-stupido-thief.

just for anyone's info, pictures no more till i own one. again. someday, somehow.

p/s; yeah, btw, my mom bought me a new phone. i dont have a pic on it. yes i dont 'cause i dont have camera to take an image of it. fine enough? GREAT.

do visit this blog, i love his pictures. it speaks somehow :)
*yeah, btw, you have twins?*

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