Tuesday, June 15, 2010

get me out of this comfort zone, please?

successful people are always intriguing. simply because they've achieved such astronomical success that people turn around just because their names are mentioned. stashed those cash aside, i am interested to find out why and how they did, what they did, when they did and most of all, was there any avadacadabra that one can exactly use so that he or she can just simply cut through the most windy road to the top?

as far as i can recall, each time when i watched the tv, heard on the radio, or interviewed these people, i mean, successful people, "what's your secret of success?" The answer are always the same. "there's really no secret. just want to thank my dad, my mom my wonderful stuff blah blah blahh..."

it's kinda disheartening when your particular idol, or someone you've been admiring for some time gave you such an answer, isn't it?

well, at least, try to use these words, 'hard work, knowledge, read a lot, support and so forth". it relieved somehow. but, after making such a-long-wasting-time-somehow-experimenting, one final ingredient that they sometimes omit to mention is; themselves.

i've seen some of my friends, particularly those who excelled, *names are not mentioned*, especially when i stepped into boarding school, i could really have a real sight on their determination, perseverance. they just made it and just dont ask them how. 'cause they dared to step out of their comfort zone and fight an extremely difficult, tedious, exhausting, and probably some depressing battle against the rest of the world.

yes, i am truly impressed of them.

speaking of comfort zone, it's just a few months away from spm. if only some superhuman could rescue me, pull me away from this large, comfortable, fuzzy duvet that i've been hiding under since the first day of the first term break when i just cant peel my eyelids open.

somehow, i miss sleeping in the bilik study :)

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