Sunday, July 8, 2012

why can't i get what i want?

i was one to get attached.

ever since i was a little girl, i learned to become attached to everything around me - family, friends, places, moments and even outcomes. i just couldn't let go of anything. i was devastated when things didn't the work out the way i wanted, i even broke down when i didn't get As for exams. disappointment really isn't my thing. it was odd, catastrophic perhaps.

or maybe the word 'expectations' derived everything. expectations, expectations, expectations. expectations made me fall into the same pattern of disappointment and despairs. i had always thought love of dunnya meant being attached to material things. and apparently, it wasn't materials that i looked into. it was people, emotions. i was attached to people's expectations, people's decision and most of all people's impression. these were all parts of dunnya, these were temporary. the pain i had been experiencing was due to dunnya, overly attached to love of dunnya.

wallahi, as soon as i began to have the realisation, a veil was lifted from my eyes. second semester result was indeed a slam on my face. i sat down quietly at the corner of my room, thinking of what went wrong. perhaps it's a huge mistake of taking math HL, or perhaps it's due to the lacking of effort, or just maybe the exams, the syllabus, the entire IB was tough so on and forth. like a fragile glass vase that is placed on the edge of table, once it fell and broken, people got frustrated and bought a new vase to replace it. but the problem wasn't with the vase, the problem was putting the vase on the edge of table in the first place. i began to realise IB wasn't the problem, math HL wasn't the problem, it was me.

i happened to perchance an ayat from the glorious Quran, "those who rest not their hope on their meeting with Us, but are pleased and satisfied with the life of the present and those who heed not Our Signs." [10:7]

masyaAllah, Allah uses this failure to direct me.
 it was different this time. a few years back, i would cry over my examination results. but not anymore. i realise this failure isn't solely a failure. this failure is a reward. i told myself, "isn't Allah seeking your attention? isn't Allah calling you back to His path? isn't Allah trying to show His love? masyaAllah, subhanallah, wallahi Allah is perfect. Allah knows best and Allah shows His reward in another form. "...but it is possible you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you, but Allah knows, and you know not." [2:216]
subhanallah! Allah uses this failure to inspect me.
my usrah sister often reminds me of this: "for every situation in life, there is a name of Allah to turn to." maybe Allah wishes to inspect my faith, my iman. masyaAllah, all of these tested my faith, and eventually they gave me patience. thank you Allah :)
and finally, Allah uses this failure to protect me.
wallahi, i was thinking, if only my second semester result was as good as the semester before, maybe i would keep on staying in the comfort zone. maybe i would underestimate things. or worse, maybe i would go astray, na'uzubillah. alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah.
look, Allah is far more interested in our character than our comfort. our relationship with Allah and our character are the only two things that we're going to take with us into eternity. these problems, or it would be more appropriate to call them as 'tests', have triggered so many questions, am i obsessed with the dunnya? have i forgotten the akhirah? have i forgotten the priceless rewards in jannah? have i forgotten the hell fire in jahannam?

i'm pretty sure that i'll keep on experiencing emotional roller coaster in the future. so why don't we turn to the one and only rope we have, Allah SWT? Allah loves our voice. Allah wants to hear us asking Him. Allah wants us to turn back to Him. He wants us to be in jannah. He doesn't want us to ever forget Him and sidetracked by this dunnya. and most of all, Allah loves us.

so, before asking "why Allah doesn't give what i want?", ask yourself this, "did i give what Allah wants?" :)

p/s: semester 3 just started and the former batch just got their flying colour results. lecturers have been saying their results are the best so far. congratulations dear seniors! so it's our turn next year and this is going to be challenging, i mean very very challenging. do pray for us! go batch 7! insyaAllah :)

assalamualaikum! :)


andynurehanadibahrahim said...

post mu membangun jiwa. lagi lagi dengan lagu ada di blog ni :) terasa betul.

thank you yin :')

Anonymous said...

terima kasih yiyin :')

Anonymous said...

I like your post...even i m not a Muslim, but through your post, i can kind of relate my life with God too. Believe that what our God gives us is the best for us. :) Continue to strive hard Nabila..wish u the best of luck.

Muniza said...

nice post. :D daebakk!!

♥ wiwi ♥ said...

nabila dear,

have your faith in Allah, and He shall strengthen your heart ^_^

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Saya tak faham sangat english. Tapi, terima kasih berikan nasihat yg baik. :)

- rusydee artz

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thanks. this mean a lot.

your friend.