Wednesday, December 26, 2012

in good hands

i've been listening to thought voices these days. perhaps it's just my lonely time hence it comes haunting like a shadow that never leaves a man. i don't know, sometimes it's just funny to even think of it, nah nevermind.

you see, this whole year, has been tiring - physically, mentally and emotionally. i have to admit, there have been times when i felt like throwing everything away and settle down. just me and myself and leave everybody else hanging. which literally explains why on earth i only wrote 2 entries throughout the year. (this post included)

but then, that would be just wrong. 
i can't simply leave things behind and chase after the things in front. 'cause i'll end up getting nothing. 


countless incidents just happened and how i wish it keeps happening, within the same year, the same age and never gets old. just looking at the age of turning 20, i wish this year could've been better. i could've learnt more, i could've done more for the people around me, i could've experienced more, the list goes on. but as i come to think of that, i had probably accomplished those, maybe i just had enough. what's left is to hope that i lived those days well, those years well, 19 years back :)

19 years and the voyage of living my childhood dream looks so much closer now.

so close yet so far.

nahh, i envision everything to be more of jumping from one problem to the next. whether i get to achieve my dreams or not shall remain secret, my lifespan, my soul-mate, everything shall remain secret, only time will tell.

life (indeed) has thrown a lot of things towards yours truly over here. but i'm glad that i managed to catch them. after all, Allah never fails to surprise me. i can still smile at the end of the day. so, worry not!

insyaAllah, 3:31.
i'm in good hands, the best hands. His hands :)


Anonymous said...

Finally Yin updated her blog :)

Najwa Suraya said...

Kak i love ready your posts i hope ud update the blog anytime soon